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Are Electric Scooters Safe For Kids?

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Are Electric Scooters Safe For Kids?Electric scooters for kids are all the rage and for a good reason – they are fun and will motivate your child to play with other kids outside. However, scooter-related injuries are on the rise and no parent wants to see their child in the hospital (or even slightly injured). So, are electric scooters safe for kids and should your child ride one?

As with all outdoor riding equipment, including e-scooters, a child’s safety is always a concern. So, before your kid hops on the scooter, it’s important that you go over e-scooter safety rules and I’ve found them all!

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Are Electric Scooters Safe For Kids?

While it may seem intimidating at first, riding an electric scooter is no more dangerous than riding a mountain bike. So, if you aren’t reluctant to let your child cycle around the neighborhood, there’s no reason to be afraid of an e-scooter.

However, it’s up to you to ensure your child’s safety so that they have a harmless experience with an e-scooter. Therefore, invest in a helmet and knee and elbow pads, and make sure that your child puts them on before hopping on an electric scooter.

When used responsibly and properly, there is no reason why your kid shouldn’t have a safe and enjoyable ride on an electric scooter. However, protective gear is just one of many factors that will ensure your child’s safety on an e-scooter.

Let’s take a look at them, shall we?

Factors To Consider To Ensure Your Child’s Safety On An E-Scooter

Before I move on, there’s one thing you should know – nothing in life is 100% safe! However, if you do your due diligence and act responsibly, you can rest assured that you’ve done everything in your power to keep your child safe.

When it comes to children and e-scooters, you should consider:

Your Child

You know your kid best, so you’ll know if getting an electric scooter is a good idea or a recipe for disaster. To answer this, observe your kid’s personality, skill set, maturity, and size since these are important factors when it comes to safety.

If your child is, for example, skilled at sports, rides a bike or a hoverboard, they will figure out how to ride an e-scooter in no time. However, if your child is too energetic and adventurous, you might need to consider a slower e-scooter or wait until your child is mature enough and understands the risks of reckless driving.

On the other hand, calm and cautious kids won’t feel tempted to push the scooter over its limits to impress their friends and are less likely to get into any sort of trouble.

And once you know how your child is going to behave, you’ll know exactly what type of electric scooter will be the right fit.

Size Of The E-Scooter

Many parents make a huge mistake by choosing an e-scooter based on design and features alone. As a result, they end up buying a scooter that is too big and heavy for their child to control and maneuver properly.

To avoid this kind of mistake, check the size of an electric scooter and especially pay attention to the height of the handlebars, seat, and the dimensions of the standing deck.

Age Appropriate

Factors To Consider To Ensure Child’s Safety On An E-ScooterSince kids electric scooters can cost a pretty penny, you might be tempted to buy one for older kids, even if you have an eight-year-old at home. In the end, the child will grow, so what can possibly go wrong?

Truth be told, a lot can go wrong! Children that are older and heavier shouldn’t ride scooters made for younger kids since the scooter can break, resulting in injury. On the other hand, a young child will not be able to control a gigantic scooter and may get injured in the process and be too scared of riding a scooter ever again.

Protective Gear

An electric scooter by itself is harmless, but letting a child ride one without protective gear is a recipe for disaster! And while most people find wearing protective gear a nuisance, studies have shown that wearing a helmet can prevent serious head injuries.

As a parent, you don’t want to see your kid’s knees and elbows bleeding, not to mention anything more serious like a head injury. Thus, invest in protective gear, and make sure that your child is wearing it while riding an e-scooter.

Do A Safety Check

Before you let your child ride an e-scooter, take a few minutes to inspect the scooter and see if everything is as it should be. Use the manufacturer’s manual to create a safety checklist and pay close attention to:

  • Tire pressure
  • Handlebar fastener
  • Seat fastener (if the scooter has a seat)
  • Battery mount and charge
  • Chain or belt tension
  • Motor mount

Traffic Safety Rules

Teaching your child from a young age to adhere to traffic safety rules is essential, even more so if they are going to participate in traffic as an electric scooter rider. When it comes to e-scooters, your kid will have to behave as it would on a bike.

This means that your kid will have to be mindful of pedestrians, watch out for cars, push the e-scooter when crossing the street, and always use pedestrian crossings among other things.

Where Is Your Child Going To Ride

Riding an electric scooter on concrete or pavement will be a piece of cake for your kid, but bumpy or rocky surfaces can prove to be a challenge. Thus, teach your child how to ride on rough terrains and what to expect when switching between smooth and bumpy roads.

Safety Tips For Kids Riding Electric Scooters

safety tips for kids riding electric scootersWhether your kid is riding a bicycle, hoverboard, skateboard, electric scooter, or a dirt bike, your number one concern is that it does it safely! Here are a few tips that will help your kids have a fun and safe ride on their new e-scooters.

1. Always Wear A Helmet

Make sure that your child is wearing a helmet any time they want to ride an electric scooter or for any other outdoor riding activity for that matter. And if your child protests, just remind them that being seen with headgear is way better than being stuck in the hospital with a head injury.

2. Wear Appropriate Shoes

While it may not seem important, wearing appropriate footwear will increase your child’s safety while riding an electric scooter. Sandals, open-toed shoes, and slippers are a bad idea, as is riding barefoot for that matter.

Sneakers are by far the best choice; just make sure that they are tied properly so that shoelaces won’t drag or accidentally get caught in the wheels.

3. Ride In A Group

Vehicles and pedestrians are more likely to spot a group of kids riding electric scooters than see a single child riding. Furthermore, your kid will also be safer cruising with a group of friends than riding alone.

4. No Tricks Or Stunts

Your child has probably seen people doing scooter tricks, however, electric scooters aren’t designed for stunts. Explain to your kid that these types of tricks are done by professionals with special trick kick scooters and that they shouldn’t attempt becoming the next Evel Knievel.

5. Learn How To Ride

No matter how mature or talented your kid is, you shouldn’t just give him an electric scooter and hope for the best. Your kid will have to learn how to break and maneuver, and you should be there to teach and practise with them.

6. Eliminate Distractions

As tempting as it can be, don’t let your kid listen to music or use the phone while riding an electric scooter. Your child has to focus on the road and be able to hear and see what is going on around them to ride safely.

Electric Scooter For Kids FAQs

What Age Is An Electric Scooter For?

According to experts, the recommended minimum age for electric motorized scooters is eight and up. However, there are battery-powered e-scooters that are suitable for toddlers and younger kids. These scooters are more like ride-on toys, but they give the experience of riding a real electric scooter.

Which Electric Scooter Is Best For Kids?

Truth be told, there isn’t a single e-scooter that will be ideal for every child. To find the best electric scooter for kids, you will have to consider your child’s size and age, and then compare the features of different e-scooters.


Riding an electric scooter is no more dangerous for kids than riding a bike if they act responsibly and wear protective gear. An electric scooter by itself is harmless and won’t cause injuries, but reckless driving will! Thus, follow all the safety tips and get your child to wear a helmet for a fun and safe ride.

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