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5 Best Binoculars For Kids

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best binoculars for kidsI started searching for the best binoculars for kids a while back when I discovered that my son had developed a keen interest in my binoculars.

Since he is really interested in looking through the binoculars, I pictured us strolling and observing birds and nature together. But I was a bit apprehensive about investing in binoculars that would break the first time my child dropped them.

After careful research, I discovered that many child-friendly binoculars are designed to sustain abuse. They are even specially made to accommodate smaller hands and faces without being too cumbersome to carry.

I needed something that would actually allow my son to view objects clearly and, at the same time, be durable enough to sustain rough handling. Luckily, I found the perfect binoculars for my little explorer, and I want to share my findings with you.

Let’s begin!

After buying and testing several different kid’s binoculars, I decided that the Kidwinz Shock Proof 8×21 Kids Binoculars are the right choice for my son. I liked that they have clear and sharp images, and my son can easily focus on any object. After almost six months of daily use, they are still in one piece and holding up really well. My kid loves them, and that is all that I ever hoped for!

At a Glance: The Best Binoculars For Kids to Buy

We highly recommend looking at the comparison table we have below where we highlighted the features of each product.

Kidwinz Shock Proof 8×21 Kids Binoculars
  • Dimensions: 4.9 x 4.2 x 2.3 in
  • Price: $
  • Score: 9.7/10
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Skygenius 8x21 Small Compact Lightweight Binoculars
  • Dimensions: 2.4 x 4.1 x 3.6 in
  • Price: $
  • Score: 9.5/10
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Backyard Safari Field Binocs
  • Dimensions: 2.5 x 4.8 x 4.5 in
  • Price: $
  • Score: 9.4/10
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Luwint 8x21 Kid Binoculars
  • Dimensions: 3.9 x 1.5 x 1.5 in
  • Price: $
  • Score: 9.3/10
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Educational Insights GeoSafari Compass Binoculars
  • Dimensions: 4.3 x 4.3 x 1.6 in
  • Price: $
  • Score: 9.2/10
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Kids Binocular Reviews

Below you will find detailed reviews of the five best kids binoculars based on factors like quality, magnification, and design, among others. Read on to find the best one for your little explorer!

1. Kidwinz Shock Proof 8×21 Kids Binoculars – Best Overall

Key Features

  • Easy to focus
  • Shockproof
  • Foldable
  • Neck cord
  • 8x magnification

When it comes to children’s binoculars, you can hardly go wrong with this highly popular model. The Kidwinz Shock Proof 8x21 Kids Binoculars have a child-friendly design and superb magnification that is bound to keep your kid interested in exploring the great outdoors!

First of all, this binocular comes equipped with real optics—which means that it will work like grown-up versions—with a high but kid-friendly 8x magnification. Thanks to these features, this model produces sharp images that will keep your kid interested and having fun.

Specially designed for less careful hands, these binoculars can withstand drops, falls, and bumps due to rubber coating that absorbs shocks. The extra coating on the eyepieces ensures better protection of the lenses during accidents.

Intended for kids ages three and up, these binoculars are safe and easy to use, and your kid can even carry them while riding his balance bike. The compact size is perfect for smaller faces and hands, and rubber-surrounded eyepieces won’t hurt your kid’s eyes and face while s/he is trying to focus.


  • Kid size ensures a proper fit and ease of use
  • Child-friendly magnification provides sharp images that keep kids interested
  • Coated in shock-absorbing rubber that keeps the binocular and lenses protected during falls
  • Comes with a carrying case, cleaning cloth, neck strap, and operation manual


  • The neck strap doesn’t have a safety brake function and can be a potential strangulation hazard

If you are looking for quality and durable binoculars for a preschooler, I strongly recommend that you give the Kidwinz Shock Proof 8x21 Kids Binoculars a try.

2. Skygenius 8x21 Small Compact Lightweight Binoculars - Runner Up

Key Features

  • Large field of view
  • Foldable
  • Easy to focus
  • Bk7 roof prism & fmc multicolored optics

The Skygenius 8x21 Small Compact Lightweight Binoculars are the best children’s binoculars for older kids who want a great viewing experience. Its lightweight and pocket-sized design is ideal for kids who are on the go and want to have their binoculars close by at all times.

Due to 8x magnification, Bk7 roof prism, and FMC green multicolored optics, these binoculars produce clear and detailed images that will keep your kid wanting to see more. Adjusting the focus is super easy even for children, thanks to a center-focus knob.

Although lightweight, these are built to last and use sturdy rubber and strong lenses, so they won’t break after the first fall. They are designed for smaller hands and faces, and a long eye relief makes them suitable for kids who wear glasses.


  • The center-focus knob makes them easy to use and adjust the focus
  • Pocket size and lightweight design makes them easy to carry
  • Long eye relief makes it suitable for kids that wear glasses
  • The quality design and sturdy build come at an affordable price


  • The protection caps for front and rear lenses aren’t included with these binoculars

The Skygenius 8x21 Small Compact Lightweight Binoculars are a great option for older children who are looking for bright and detailed images. They offer a superb viewing experience at an affordable price.

3. Backyard Safari Field Binocs - Best Affordable

Key Features

  • 5×30 magnifying power
  • Rubberized hand grips
  • Soft rubber eyecups
  • Waterproof

If you have a curious six-year-old who yearns for stable and clear views of distant targets, then the Backyard Safari Field Binocs are what you need. They are designed to offer the best viewing experience for younger kids and are great for safaris, scouting, or outdoor explorations.

These binoculars sport a tough design and waterproof build which makes them hard to break even if your young explorer is prone to accidents. But at the same time, they remain compact and lightweight so your child can carry and hold them with ease.

The 5x30 magnifying power ensures that the images won’t be blurred by a lot of shaking which is ideal if your kid is still figuring out how to use binoculars. Rubberized hand grips are designed for small hands and provide a comfortable grip, and the soft rubber eyecups ensure a perfect fit and safe viewing experience.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry around the neck or in hand
  • Magnification power is ideal for younger kids and ensures clear images
  • Sturdy and waterproof design is child-proof and can withstand falls and bumping
  • Suitable for kids six years of age or older


  • A few parents stated that the focus is a bit harder to adjust since the knob doesn’t spin smoothly

Overall, the Backyard Safari Field Binocs are a cheaper option for younger outdoor enthusiasts who need lightweight but tough binoculars.

4. Luwint 8x21 Kid Binoculars - Best Birding Binoculars for Kids

Key Features

  • Multi-layer red broadband coating technology
  • Easy to focus
  • Soft rubber eyecups
  • Long neck strap & hand strap

The Luwint 8x21 Kid Binoculars have a compact and easy-to-grip design and produce great images. They are recommended for kids older than six and can be used for bird watching, sightseeing, or star gazing as a substitute for a telescope.

The 8x magnifying power brings remote objects in for a close-up view and ensures that the images aren’t blurred by shaky hands. The multi-layer red broadband coating technology ensures maximum light transmittance and creates realistic images even in low-light conditions.

Their compact and lightweight size is perfect for smaller hands, heads, and narrow pupil-to-pupil distance, and the non-slip rubber grip makes them easy to hold. By rotating the eyepieces and adjusting the binoculars, your child will get a vivid image of the outdoors.


  • Powerful magnification and strong lenses provide a clear and vivid image
  • Specially designed to be comfortable for smaller hands and faces
  • Soft rubber around the viewing area keeps eyes and face protected
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around the neck or hand


  • A few customers stated that these binoculars were smaller than expected and aren’t really suitable for kids above the age of eight

Overall, the Luwint 8x21 Kid Binoculars are a lightweight and sturdy tool that will provide clear images for six year olds, but you will need larger binoculars for an older child.

5. Educational Insights GeoSafari Compass Binoculars – Best Astronomy Binoculars for Kids

Key Features

  • 4x magnifying power
  • Built-in compass
  • Lightweight
  • Supports STEM learning

With a built-in compass, the Educational Insights GeoSafari Compass Binoculars are a great learning tool for young explorers. Suitable for kids ages five and older, these binoculars create clear images of distant objects.

The minimal power 4x magnification brings distant objects into focus and delivers quality images even when the binoculars are held with young shaking hands. An easy-to-turn central focusing knob is made for small hands and will bring objects into clear view.

These high-tech binoculars are lightweight but built of durable plastic material that can withstand some rough handling. To make carrying easy, they come with a breakaway neck strap that is completely safe and won’t put your child at risk of choking.


  • Lightweight design and soft-grip make them child-friendly and easy to use
  • 4x magnifying power won’t overwhelm young children and will create clear images
  • Built-in compass encourages exploring
  • Breakaway neck strap that ensures complete safety


  • A few customers stated that these binoculars look cheaply made, but that their kids love them

The Educational Instinct GeoSafari Compass Binoculars are suitable for younger children and deliver quality images considering their affordable price.

How To Choose The Best Binocular For Children

Are you looking for kid’s binoculars as an attempt to interest your child in nature and cut the time s/he is spending in front of the TV? Or, maybe you’re tired of sharing with your kid and want to find the best children’s binoculars so your child can explore on their own?

Regardless of your reasons, consider the following factors in order to find the perfect binoculars for your little explorer:


Magnification power is one of the most important factors you need to consider when shopping for the best binoculars for kids. The magnification is the thing which enables the binoculars to bring distant objects closer by making them seem bigger for a better view.

While high-powered binoculars may work for you, they aren’t really good for kids, since highly magnified images easily become blurred in young, shaking hands.

For the best viewing experience for kids, you should look for a 2x to 8x magnifying power. Note, the lower powers are better suited for younger children, while the higher powers are a good choice for older kids or teenagers who can keep binoculars steady.

Another benefit of lower magnifying power is that it comes with a wider field view which is better for young eyes.


To ensure that your kid will be able to comfortably use their new binoculars, you need to make sure that they are the right fit. This means that they are designed to fit into small hands and are the right size for your child’s smaller face.

The wrong size, either being too large or too small, isn’t going to cut it, since your kid won’t be able to use the binoculars correctly and will quickly get bored trying. This is the main reason why your binoculars won’t work for your child.

The best kid’s binoculars are specially designed to provide the right eye alignment and eyepieces to fit your kid perfectly. If you have trouble finding the perfect fit for your older child, look for binoculars that are designed to be used by both children and adults.


There is a big chance that your kid is going to become hooked on binoculars and would want to carry them every time they go out. Thus, look for a lightweight model which will be easy to carry around the neck, wrist, or in hand for prolonged periods of time.


To be honest, I wouldn’t leave my kid alone with my binoculars for five minutes! He will certainly find a way to bump, drop, soak, or throw the binoculars as soon as I look the other direction.

For this reason, durable construction is essential if you want for your kid’s binoculars to last more than a few minutes. The great thing about the kid’s binoculars is that they are built to last and can usually withstand a few bumps and falls.

Field Of View 

A binocular field of view indicates the width of the area your kid can see without having to turn his/her head. A wide field of view will give your child a chance to find the object they want to have a close-up look at and stay focused on it even if it is moving.

If the field of view isn’t wide enough, it can be hard for children to focus on the object and see it clearly. The magnifying powers under 8x offer the best field view and are strongly recommended for kids.

Eye Relief

Eye relief is the space between each eye and the eyepiece and determines how close to the eye your kid needs to hold the binoculars for the perfect viewing experience.

This is an important factor to consider if your kid is wearing glasses, since an eye relief of at least 14mm will provide a good viewing experience. The only downside is that the longer eye relief decreases the field of view.


Besides being lightweight, durable, and sized to fit into your kid’s small hands, the binoculars should be ergonomically designed so children can hold and carry them with ease. The adjustment mechanism should be easy to operate, and the focus knob should be easy to turn and reach.

You should also look for soft rubber around the viewing section and neck or hand straps that will make carrying the binoculars easy and safe.


Most kid’s binoculars allow focus adjustment with a central focusing knob, but some models feature a diopter ring that focuses each barrel separately. Generally, the type of focus will determine how much your child will be able to see, so check if the binoculars allow them to focus easily.


After careful consideration and testing, I was able to find the five best children’s binoculars that are perfect for young explorers.

While all of them are excellent and may work great for your kid, I had to pick the Kidwinz Shock Proof 8x21 Kids Binoculars as the winner. They offer a kid-friendly magnification, are easy to focus, have a shockproof coating, and create clear and detailed images.

However, all of the other models also work great, and I hope that this guide helped you pick the right binoculars for your kid!

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