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5 Best MP3 Players For Kids

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best MP3 player for kidsIf you landed on this page, no doubt, you are trying to find the best MP3 player for kids.

Well, you’re in luck.

A few months ago, I was in the exact situation that you’re in now. Trying to find a gift for a kid who has so many toys… You and I both know that kids can be very difficult to please!

I have a nine-year-old daughter who is so in love with music. Just before her birthday, I wanted to find her a gift that she would absolutely love. Naturally, it had to be something to do with music, so I decided to get her one of the best music devices for kids.

At a Glance: The Best MP3 Players For Kids to Buy

We highly recommend looking at the comparison table we have below where we highlighted the features of each product.

  • Radio function allows you to listen to your favorite local stations
  • Large storage capacity to hold all your music, videos, and pictures
  • Voice recordings are of high quality
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  • Very light
  • Quick charging ability
  • Radio plays your favorite local stations
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  • Very light and portable
  • Easy to navigate
  • Allows you to listen to FM radio
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  • Supports puzzle and games to keep your kids entertained
  • Built-in loudspeaker allows kids to listen to music without headphones
  • Takes only three hours to charge
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  • Beautiful design
  • Has a video player that supports AMV and AVI formats
  • Offers up to 25 hours of playback
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Initially, I thought I only needed to go to an online store, search for “best MP3 player for kids” and perhaps choose the best rated seller. I was wrong. The MP3 player I purchased using that approach was not only very expensive, but it only functioned for a month—a complete rip-off.

That prompted me to do intensive research and to read numerous MP3 players for kids reviews before finding what I think is the best MP3 player for children.

My research was fruitful. I got a device that my daughter absolutely loves. On top of that, its performance and audio quality are still the same more than six months down the line.

I will share my findings with you next.

My idea of the best kids’ MP3 player was a stylish, lightweight, and child-friendly device. In addition, I was looking for a player with specs that my daughter would enjoy when young and even into her teenage years.

The Tomameri Portable MP3/MP4 Player wowed me by having my exact specifications at a very affordable price. And as if that’s not enough, the amount of storage it comes with was very impressive.

Best MP3 Player For Kids Reviews

Below is a detailed review of the five best MP3 players for kids. Read on to see which one is the best for your child.

1. Tomameri – Portable MP3/MP4 Player – Best Overall

 Key Features

  • Supports MP3 and video
  • Allows image viewing
  • Has a voice recording feature
  • Supports nine languages

Top on the list is a fantastic product by one of the leading MP3 player makers, Tomameri. Simple, yet stylish, this is an MP3 player that you can never go wrong with.

Whether racing in their electric car or hanging by the pool, this player is guaranteed to keep your child entertained.

First of all, it comes with a large 32GB storage capacity to hold all the music your child may want. On top of that, it supports videos in AMV format, and your child can listen to music while viewing their favorite pictures.

It is slim and fits well in a pocket. Operating it is very easy, and your child will learn how to effortlessly navigate through the menus in just a few minutes. A lock switch located at the top of the device prevents you from accidentally pausing music when your device is in your pocket.

And unlike most other kid MP3 players available on the market, this one allows you to play music from any folder of your choice. Also, you can easily shuffle, replay, or repeat music. It only takes about four hours for it to fully charge its battery.


  • Radio function allows you to listen to your favorite local stations
  • Large storage capacity to hold all your music, videos, and pictures
  • Voice recordings are of high quality
  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • Built-in batteries for easy charging
  • Includes detailed instructions on how to add videos, music, and images


  • Does not support Bluetooth

If you are looking for an inexpensive yet decent MP3 player for your teenager or older kid, I highly recommend this MP3 player by Tomareri.

2. Ultra MP3/MP4 Player - Runner Up

Key Features

  • Supports AMV video formats
  • Battery is rechargeable

This is yet another product that tops the list of MP3 players for kids. The Ultra MP3/MP4 Player is very light and fairly easy to use, making it ideal for older kids.

A striking feature of this player is its quick charging batteries. When fully charged, you can enjoy more than five hours of playback music.

It produces good quality audio and is slim enough to fit in your young one's pocket when they’re out playing or riding their favorite balance bikes.

You can scroll through your JPEG format pictures and watch AMV videos stored in the provided 16GB SD card. The player also has a text format eBook reader to keep your child busy reading during your road trip.


  • Very light
  • Quick charging ability
  • Radio plays your favorite local stations
  • Supports eBook reading (in text format)
  • Has good quality voice recordings
  • Supports more than six languages


  • Not Bluetooth enabled

You may need to help your child with the instructions on how to use this device. Other than that, this little MP3 player is durable and can withstand a bit of mishandling, making it a good fit for an older child.

3. G.G.Martinsen Azure Stylish MP3/MP4 Player - Best for Budget

Key Features

  • Supports photo viewer, eBook reader, and video player
  • Enables voice recording
  • Includes a seven-sound equalizer
  • Supports high-speed transmission of up to 1000 Kbyte/second

If you have a child who loves music, the G.G.Martinsen Azure would be a perfect choice for an MP3 player for them to start with. It is stylish and very easy to operate.

The sound equalizer will give your little one a chance to play around with various sound formats of the music they are listening to, be it rock, pop, jazz, among many others. The large 16GB card will provide enough space for all music, video recordings, and photos.

In addition, it is very light and you can carry it anywhere, anytime.


  • Very light and portable
  • Easy to navigate
  • Allows you to listen to FM radio
  • Battery is rechargeable and lasts for up to six hours of continuous music
  • Includes a one-year warranty
  • Supports several languages
  • Has a high-speed transmission for quick transfer of audio files


  • Uses the old USB connections

As long as you do not lose the USB cord included in the package (replacing it may be a hassle), this player does exactly what it says it will.

4. AGPTEK MP3 Player for Kids - Best For Younger Kids

Key Features

  • Has adjustable screen brightness
  • Large screen
  • Maximum volume limit setting
  • Three hours to full charge

If you intend to buy an MP3 player for your kids but are scared for their delicate eardrums, this may be your best choice.

The manufacturers made this music device with all the needs of your child in mind.

It is specially designed with a cartoon-style case for kids and has a very child-friendly user face. Additionally, it can display lyrics and album covers that are included in music files and enables you to resume playback exactly where you left off.

A top feature of this player is the volume limit setting. This feature enables you to set the volume maximum to the desired number, protecting your child from listening to very loud music. You can also increase or decrease the brightness of the screen.


  • Supports puzzle and games to keep your kids entertained
  • Built-in loudspeaker allows kids to listen to music without headphones
  • Takes only three hours to charge
  • Supports voice recording, alarm clock, and FM radio.
  • Super easy to operate
  • Offers 26 hours of music playtime on medium volume


  • Has no battery indicator

This player fits well in the hands of any kid, and the preloaded games are a pleasant addition.

5. Aniee MP3 Player/MP4 Player - Best Design For Young Kids

Key Features

  • FM Radio, Video/Photo Viewer, and Voice Recorder
  • Takes three hours to charge
  • Decent battery life

To sum up this list of the top MP3 players for kids, we have the cute Aniee MP3 player/MP4 Player. It has a beautiful overall outward design that is appealing to young kids.

The player is easy to operate and has seven cartoon bear paw buttons that your child will love. With this device, they can listen to music, scroll through images, and even use the voice recorder.

You can easily transfer music from your computer to the provided 8GB card. If you need extra storage, you can upgrade to another SD card with a larger storage capacity of up to 64GB.


  • Beautiful design
  • Has a video player that supports AMV and AVI formats
  • Offers up to 25 hours of playback


  • Is fragile when mishandled

It is important to note that this player is only ideal for young kids. It is very lightweight and has the basic features that your child may enjoy.

What Is An MP3 Player?

MP3 is the short form for “MPEG Audio Layer III”. It simply refers to a compressed digital audio file. An MP3 player is a device that stores these digital audio files which you can play later.

Types Of MP3 Players

There are two major types of MP3 players:

Flash Memory Players

These are:

  • Small
  • Lightweight
  • Relatively cheap

Most flash memory players have replaceable batteries and use memory cards for storage. Their amount of storage is usually not very large and depends on the capacity of the memory card used.

Hard Drive And Mini-hard Drive Players

On the other hand, hard drive-based players are:

  • Larger
  • Heavier
  • Often more expensive

Hard drive and mini hard drive players can contain rechargeable or non-replaceable batteries. Most will have larger high-resolution screens and more storage space than flash memory players. However, they drain their batteries faster and usually contain moving parts that may not be so kid friendly.

Best MP3 Player For Kids: Flash Memory Players Or Hard Drive Players?

If you are debating on which of the two (flash or drive based players) is the best music device for kids, go for the flash memory based players.

They are more compact, lightweight, and portable. Although most do not have very large storage capacities, even those with 8GB can hold a large collection of music for your child.

Benefits Of An MP3 Player

  • You can listen to audio with earphones, headphones, or via external speakers using an amplifier.
  • The MP3 player allows you to easily store and manage music. Some players allow you to skip tracks, repeat, shuffle, or even arrange and create new playlists.
  • You can play music, podcasts, and audiobooks anywhere, anytime.
  • Most music devices are very light, thus, easily portable.

Buyers Guide: What To Consider When Choosing The Best MP3 Player For Kids


If you want a player that your child will use when moving around, choose one with a flash-based system. It is more compact, light, and has no moving parts, so it won't skip.


Look at the recommended age range provided by the manufacturer. You want a device that is designed to include features that are ideal and relevant for your child.

User Interface

Is the player easy for your child to use, or does it need a lot of attention to operate? When shopping for an MP3 players, choose one that has a child-friendly interface.

Storage Space

If your kids have a large music collection, go for players with storage of at least 16GB.

Battery Life

Some players have built-in batteries that are rechargeable, while others have replaceable batteries.

Although rechargeable batteries store power for a long period of time, you will have to wait for them to recharge. On the other hand, disposable batteries will need to be replaced from time to time.

Regardless of the type of batteries, your child will greatly appreciate a player that has batteries that last the longest.

The Accessories You Desire

Different players will have different accessories. Look for an MP3 player with accessories that match its intended use and what your child wants (more on that below).

Display Type

Any MP3 player will have either of these three displays: touch screen, color display, or multi-touch retina.

Touch screens allow you to input commands by using your fingers. On the other hand, the multi-touch retina display is an advancement of the standard touch screen—clearer and with more definition. Color displays are controlled by the use of buttons.

The color displays are simple and most ideal for young kids. However, most teenagers prefer the touch screen.

Top MP3 Player Accessories

Nowadays MP3 players come packed with so many functions, it is up to you to choose a player with the functions that your child will really want.

  • FM Radio

The vast majority of players nowadays allow you to listen to your favorite local stations. However, hard drive players often have radio reception challenges due to the presence of moving parts.

  • Internet

Some devices are WI-FI enabled. This means that when connected to a wireless network, users can have access to many websites (similar to those they would have access to on a phone). Others music players even allow their users to play videos on YouTube and other video sites.

  • Hold Switch

If your child loves to listen to music on their MP3 players while moving or playing around, then this feature will be a real savior. Pressing the hold switch locks the MP3 player, so your child can listen to music with no worry of accidentally pausing or skipping a track.

  • Game Apps

Sometimes an MP3 player contains game apps with various preloaded games. Other devices that are internet-enabled allow you to download additional games from stores such as Google Play.

  • Bookmarking

Audiobooks are increasingly gaining popularity among children. However, for some dated devices, you still need to fast forward your audio each time you switch on your player to find where you left off.

Go for a device that allows you to bookmark your audiobook. This feature enables you to continue listening to your audio exactly where you bookmarked it.

Another awesome feature that you should look for is the ability to create new playlists or to edit existing ones.

  • Sound Equalizers

Some players include sound equalizers that allow the user to select a sound that they like most. One very common digital signal processing feature that children like is the bass boost.

  • Audio Recorder

Many children enjoy recording and listening to their own voice. Thus an audio recorder is a must-have feature for any best MP3 player for kids.

Children can also record music or audio from another source by connecting the two with a cable.

  • Camera

Some MP3 players have digital cameras that allow your child to take pictures and videos which are then stored in the device's internal memory. This feature is common in high-end music devices for kids and is a worthy investment for any child who loves music and photography.

  • Built-in Speakers

If you want to buy an MP3 player for a toddler or younger child, the best choice would be one with a built-in speaker. Your child can listen to music safely without having to wear earbuds.


Eventually, after all the digging, I was able to pinpoint five exceptional MP3 players for kids that seem to have made most customers happy.

All five choices are excellent, but I had to choose a favorite to get for my daughter.Gauging from the audio quality, portability, storage, and ease of use, the Tomameri portable MP3/MP4 player was a clear winner, and my daughter agrees. She loves her new gadget!

I hope the above guide makes your search for the best MP3 player for children much easier!

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