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Best Youth ATV

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Children want to go fast, have fun, and be free. As a parent, you truly believe that you know what they need, which is to be safe and secure, as well as well-educated while being able to learn life’s many lessons in the best ways possible. One toy you can really count on to do this well is a ride-on all-terrain-vehicle, and guess what, that’s what the rest of this guide is all about: the best youth ATV!

Although there’s no Holy Grail toy that will teach your kids all the things they need to know while also providing an adrenaline-filled thrill ride that will satisfy their risk-filled wants, an ATV comes close.

Now, you will run into several models ideal for different age ranges with varying speeds and load capacity. There’s also the question of just how safe it is for the young. Well, this guide covers it all. Read along as we enumerate the best youth ATV in the market and their amazing features.

Top Pick

Razor Dirt Quad takes the crown, justifiably so. It’s almost a perfect ATV with a host of features that make its performance and capability unparalleled. From power, speed, and safety to ease of operation and performance, the vehicle doesn’t disappoint. The fact that so many parents vouch for it as well is enough proof this is a great buy.

Youth ATV Comparison Table

  • Maximum speed of 8 mph 
  • Uses a 24V battery 
  • Minimum age: 8 years
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  • 3-speed modes: 6mph (99.6km/h) which is the maximum, 3 mph (4.8 km/h) which is the low speed, and reverse
  • Uses a 12v rechargeable battery
  • Recommended for children aged 3-7 years
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  • Rechargeable 12V battery
  • Maximum speed of 3 mph 
  • Recommended for children aged 3-4 years
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Best Youth ATV: Reviews

1. Razor Dirt Quad


  • Easy-to-use twist-grip acceleration control
  • Reliable brakes
  • Sturdy 13-inch pneumatic tires
  • Suspensions feature coil shocks and shatter-resistance plastic fairings
  • Fully adjustable handlebars


  • Some assembly is required
  • Requires at least 12 hours before initial use
At some point, our backyards are just not big enough to contain our kids’ thirst for thrills and appetites for adventure. And that is when upgrades are ultimately required. Enter the Razor Dirt Quad, one of the best four-wheelers for kids.

Designed for kids six years and older, the Razor Dirt Quad is fitted with fully adjustable handlebars, meaning that this vehicle can and will grow with your wheel-spinning, dirt-kicking, mud-churning offspring.

Key Features

  • Maximum speed of 8 mph
  • Max weight is around 120 lbs
  • Uses a 24V battery rechargeable battery
  • Shatter-resistant plastic fairings
  • Powder-coated tubular frame
  • Adjustable riser handlebars
  • Minimum age: 8 years

This youth ATV features a 24-volt rechargeable battery system that powers a high torque motor. It is capable of reaching varying speeds, hence the need for young riders to be cautious when making tight turns.

That ensemble, paired with a drooping rear suspension featuring coil shocks and shatter-resistance plastic fairings, means that this little vehicle is more than ready for whatever — wet weather, bumpy roads, bring it all on. It is as strong as the well-known, field-tested dirt bikes by Razor.

Safety features include hand-operated rear disc brakes, an easy-to-use twist-grip acceleration control, and a set of sturdy 13-inch pneumatic tires with professional tread.
Razor Dirt Quad packs all the things you would desire in a powerful youth four-wheeler, and it impresses on all fronts, from speed and power to durability and performance. It’s absolutely worth the price and offers ultimate value for money.

2. Kawasaki Racing ATV Ride-On Vehicle


  • Absolutely safe for children
  • Has a sporty look complete with vibrant colors to make it attractive
  • Variety of speed modes for different driving experiences
  • Suitable for different terrains


  • You may have to replace the rear wheels sooner as they aren’t as durable as the ones on the front
Kawasaki Racing ATV Ride-On Vehicle is the undisputed king of adventures that every young driver deserves to experience. It’s easy to confuse it for a real ATV at first sight, but it’s not. However, it guarantees an experience that is almost realistic and filled with fun.

No terrain in your backyard will stop it, not gravel, wet grass, or even mud. This four-wheeler is as rugged as they come. It has a strong frame and tough wheels, yet it’s comfortable enough to make adventures super exciting.

Key Features

  • Can move forward and backward
  • 3 speed modes: 6mph (99.6km/h) which is the maximum, 3 mph (4.8 km/h) which is the low speed, and reverse
  • Can be driven on both dry and wet surfaces
  • Power lock brakes
  • Uses a 12V rechargeable battery
  • Recommended for children age 3-7 years
  • Maximum weight of 65 lbs (295 kgs)

Operating this ATV is a piece of pie. Your little one only has to press the yellow button for slow speed, green for a higher speed, and red for reverse. It’s no doubt one of the fastest ATVs on the market, so you will want to watch over them as they ride around in your backyard.

Rubberized easy-to-grip handles make handling this four-wheeler a breeze. Add to that the comfortable seat and low ground clearance, and the driving experience only gets better.

Knowing how important safety is to you as a parent, the manufacturer built this four wheeler to the highest standards and even tested it just to be sure it won’t disappoint you. Several features have been added to further enhance safety, from parental control to high-speed lockout.

Kawasaki Racing ATV Ride-On Vehicle doesn’t just impress on the performance side; it’s an attractive youth four wheeler built to give young racers the most adventurous driving experience, making it a worthy buy.

3. Ghybzz Kids Ride On ATV


  • Easy to operate, making it perfect for younger children
  • Has a cool design and stylish appearance and features
  • Versatile enough to handle different terrains
  • Professional customer experience from the manufacturer
  • Designed with the utmost safety in mind
  • Relatively affordable


  • Only a single drive mode is available, but this will not be a big deal for younger racers
This is easily the best ATV you can ever buy for a young racer. It’s a small ATV packed with all the useful features you would want to see in a perfect ATV, from durable foam rubber tires and flexible foot pedals to interactive LED lights and longer playtime hours.

Key Features

  • Key Complies with CSTM F963 standards
  • Rechargeable 12V battery
  • Single drive
  • Maximum speed of 3 mph
  • Stylish body
  • Recommended for children aged 3-4 years

Any child will easily be attracted to this cool four wheeler. And it’s not just the stylish bright headlights that will excite them; the car has a cool taillight and is available in either red or blue. The footrests, low ground clearance, and comfortable seat perfectly serve their purpose of ensuring your child’s riding experience is smooth and comfortable.

Assembling only takes minutes, and you have a simple manual included to help you do this quickly and properly. Once that is done, there’s a conspicuous start/stop button to kick the vehicle into action. The next thing to do is press the foot pedal and the vehicle will begin to accelerate. It’s that simple!

Its foam rubber tires are made from quality PE materials. This makes the vehicle capable and ready for any terrain you subject it to.

In a market where quality youth ATVs come at a hefty cost, this small ATV may just be what you need if you have a tighter budget. Expect quality performance and durability that match that of its expensive counterparts.

Things To Consider When Buying Best Kids ATV


We’ve mentioned it before, but it’s worth stating again — most youth ATVs typically come in two types: those with gas-powered motors and the electric models.

If your son or daughter is new to the world of kids’ four-wheelers, then it’s probably best to stick with the electronic kind. Otherwise, it is advised that they ride with caution, as gas-powered four-wheelers for kids have higher speeds and would require money for fuel refills.

Some kids do not seem to care about the looks of their ATV, but buying one with the aesthetic appeal will do you no harm. Your kid may prefer bright-colored models or those that look like adult ATVs; hence you should consider his/her preference before making a purchase.


Speed is essential for any fun and freedom-fulfilling ATV for kids. But speed requires skill. That is why parents have to make sure that they purchase a product suitable for these easy little riders.

The gas-powered four-wheelers for kids are known to go faster than the electric ATVs and may not be ideal for younger kids.

If yours has not ridden on anything other than a trike or a push-along, then we suggest buying an electric-powered kids ATV with a smooth throttle and a low mph. That way, he or she can carefully get the hang of things while having loads of fun.


Some safety features worth noting include power lock brakes, fast lockouts, well-tread tires, padded handlebars, and lights for evening-to-night time riding. These four-wheelers have safety ratings and certifications, which would enable you to make informed decisions when making a purchase.

The kill switch is another critical feature that makes it possible for riders to power off the engine while still holding the handles to maintain balance.

Extra Features

Some ATVs come with additional features, including storage spaces for holding snacks and drinks, as well as horns for alert in traffic situations. You can look out for the features that you desire before settling on any specific four-wheeler.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is The Best ATV For A 12-Year-Old?

Electric-powered ATVs like the Razor Dirt Quad are ideal for 12-year-olds since they offer maximum speeds that are not too slow or too dangerous. Kids can maneuver the vehicle quickly and attain their desired speeds with twist-grip acceleration control. It is also equipped with a reliable brake system, automatic transmission, and an air-cooled engine for convenience and smooth operation of the vehicle.

What Is The Right Size Of ATV For A 10-Year-Old?

For a 10-year-old, you would want a four-wheeler with excellent handling and controls to guarantee the safety of the child. ATVs with a maximum load capacity of 60kg would be ideal for them. It would be best if you also considered electric-powered machines with automatic transmission, which are often easy to control.

What Age Is A 110cc ATV For?

110cc ATVs are suitable for teenagers who want faster machines. Younger children should use models that are running on a 70cc engine and below for safety reasons. Several ATV models feature a speed limiter that allows parents to restrict the speed on these machines, ensuring that their kids remain safe while riding on rough terrains.

What Age Is A 50cc ATV For?

Kids that are still learning to ride four-wheelers can start with the 50cc ATVs until they attain a certain mastery level. As the child grows, you may consider switching to a higher one that can achieve speeds of over 30mph. Most 50cc engines are electric-powered and suitable for younger kids.

How Fast Does A 90cc ATV Go?

90cc ATVs can attain speeds of up to 33mph, making it ideal for teenagers. Since most models are equipped with speed limiters, they are usable by kids younger than 12 years. You can limit your kid to riding at 18mph and below for safety reasons.

Final Thoughts On Best ATV For Kids

Each ATV model is designed for usage on multiple terrains and requires the use of appropriate safety gear. They have open tops and are potentially dangerous when driven at top speed without proper care or protective clothing.

Helmets may not be enough, as riders may also need goggles or safety glasses to protect the eyes from flying particles while using the high-speed machine.

Like several other sports, kids can sustain serious injuries, hence the need for proper safety measures. Also, routine checks are essential to ensure that there is no wear and tear to any straps, clasps, or buckles. Try to repair any damage before riding to ensure that potential injuries are averted.

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