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Razor MX500 In-Depth Review

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Razor MX500 Review

It’s not easy getting kids to go outside these days. With iPhones, iPads, Xbox Ones and PS4s, you pretty much have to shut off the power to your home and pretend as it may never come back on just to get them to think about sticking an arm out of a window, let alone walking out the door. Enter the Razor MX500, your kid’s new favorite toy, and just the incentive you need to get them to leave their rooms.This Razor MX500 review is to answer all the question you might have. Let’s start.

Fast. Exhilarating. Fun. Razor MX500 has all the thrills of a first person shooter – like Halo or Doom – with the simple controls of a side-scroller – like Mario – but with less violence, fewer pixels and more freedom. Just put it together, charge the battery and vroom, vroom, vroom, they’re off. Wind. Sun. Sky. Clouds. They’ll wonder why they waited so long.

Age Range

.Even though the box and the website may tell you that the Razor MX500  is only suitable for kids aged 14 to 18 years old — as they likely have to do for liability’s sake — ask any parent of a child who owns one and they’ll honestly tell you that it’s actually ideal for much younger ages. In fact, by our estimation, as long as your kid has some experience riding bikes, electric or otherwise, the best age range for the Razor MX500 is between 8 and 12 years old. The bike holds up to 175 pounds and is great for wannabe engineers, as the bike is so easily assembled most kids will want to build it on their own. (Under mom and dad’s supervision of course.)

FRIENDLY RECOMMENDATION: We don’t have to tell you that your kids are still growing. They probably remind you of that every single day, eating you out of house and home. But, in order to keep those last few pennies in your pocket, we’d like to recommend that you buy a somewhat bigger bike for your child. If your kid is already 12 years old (or older), or is big for their age, you might want to consider buying a larger model — like the Razor MX650 — otherwise the tires will wear down rather quickly and you’ll only get about a year’s use out of it. Just something to keep in mind.

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.As with any fast-moving motorized vehicle, safety is of the utmost concern. Sure, there are things that you can do to help prevent injury and protect your child — like making him wear a kids helmet or telling her to put on kneepads — but at the end of the day, if you don’t have a reliable product, nothing will keep your kids from skinning their elbows or breaking a few bones. Luckily for you, the Razor Dirt Bike MX500 has plenty of features that’ll make you and your spouse a little less shaky when your kids are shooting off down the street.

    • First of all, Razor MX500 is all-electric. No gas, no fumes, and no combustion, just three 12-volt batteries that can do little more than leak if handled improperly.
    • Second of all, it’s easy to drive. The twist-grip variable speed throttle and stop-on-a-dime, dual-disc handbrakes are located at the peak of the fully adjustable handlebars, making the Razor MX500 comfortable, convenient, and easy to control.
  • And, thirdly, its 16 and 14-inch tires are attached to a body with dual suspension. This makes for a smoother, cleaner ride, especially over bumpy terrain — so your little guy won’t take a spill the second he hits an ant bed or runs over a stone.


.Kids want to go, and they want to go fast. Fortunately for us, they have yet to drive cars. Fast for us is highways speeds. Fast for them is the speed limit in grandma’s neighborhood, bumps and stop signs included. Running on a high torque, 500-watt electric motor, fueled by a 36-volt rechargeable battery system, the Razor MX500 tops out at around 15 mph — though it can move quicker, depending on the weight and size of your child — great for that fast-but-not-too-fast riding experience that your kids will inevitably enjoy.


After, “How fast?” it’s always, “How far?” That’s what your kids will be asking you once they really get into riding the Razor MX500 Kids Dirt Bike. “How far do you think I can go on a single charge?” “How much time do you think it will take before the battery runs red?” And then, “How much longer will it be before I can ride it again?” Don’t worry, we got your back, and the answers.

Thanks to its large knobby tires, which are built for maximum power transfer, and its Supercross design, the MX500 Dirt Bike can travel up to a minimum of 10 miles per charge, or run for at least 40 minutes straight. After that, the 36-volt fully-rechargeable battery pack takes about 8 hours to recharge, just enough time for you and yours to take a nap, eat some lunch and then get back out there. Go. Go. Go. In addition to its 10-mile lifespan, the Razor MX500 also boasts a sheepishly quiet motor, a retractable kickstand, folding metal footpegs, and a double-crown fork.

FRIENDLY RECOMMENDATION: If you want to be a SuperMom or a SuperDad, you might want to consider taking the battery out of the box and fully charging it before they have a chance to open it up and look inside. Trust us, they’ll want to go out for a ride as soon as it’s assembled and they won’t be happy once they realize that they have to wait. (The battery has to charge for at least 12 hours before its initial use for optimum performance and longevity.) Avoid the tears. Avoid the tantrums. Charge it. ASAP. Your kids will love you even more.

Razor MX500 Review: In Conclusion

The Razor Dirt Bike MX500 is perfect for somewhat experienced 8 to 12-year-olds whose parents would rather them play outside, in a healthier, more fun and fulfilling environment, than the dark doldrums of their electronically fortified bedrooms.

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