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Sewing Ideas For Kids

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easy sewing ideas for kidsSewing may seem out of date to you, but most children like it and can spend hours sewing. Ever since my kids expressed their interest in needles, treads, and sewing machines, I’ve been on the hunt for some great sewing ideas for kids.

As someone who doesn’t have any special sewing skills, I looked for fun and easy projects that will be simple enough for a child to start and finish. Soon enough my kids got so practiced that we now have a bunch of new toys and some fun accessories.

In this article, I’ll share 30 kid-approved sewing ideas that will be an absolute hit with your children!

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Easy Sewing Ideas For Kids

While it may seem a bit old fashioned, sewing is a great way to help your kids develop dexterity and coordination. So, bring out your best kids sewing machine and try some of these beginner sewing projects for kids.

1. Zipper Pouch

For this project, you’ll need a fun and colorful felt material, a zipper, scissors, hot glue gun, and a sewing machine. You can also try to teach your kids how to make this pouch sewing by hand.

2. Fabric Scrap Keychain

Thanks to this simple project, you can get rid of old fabric scraps and teach your kids how to sew and be crafty. As a bonus, you will end up having one-of-a-kind key chains.

3. Bookmark

To make a bookmark, you’ll have to fold a piece of cardstock in half and sew along the top and right edges. Leave the left side and the bottom open so the bookmark can slide over a book page.

4. Scented Sachets 

This is one of those simple sewing ideas for kids that can be done by any child regardless of their age. You’ll just need five-inch fabric squares, a sewing kit, and lavender buds to fill your sachets.

5. Glove Monsters 

For this project, you will need kids mittens, batting, a sewing machine, or needle and a tread. You can use buttons or felt and attach them as embellishments.

6. Felt Case

If your kids have smartphones or MP3 players, you should teach them how to take better care of their stuff by letting them sew a protective felt case.

7. Button Sewing

Button sewing is the easiest thing to teach to young children and a great way to get them interested in sewing in the first place. You’ll only need a blunt needle, burlap, and some colorful buttons.

8. Emoji Keyrings

For this project, you’ll need some colorful fabric, batting, a sewing machine, or a needle and thread. Let your kids use their imagination to add embellishments such as eyes and smiling mouth.

9. Boo-Boo Bags

Besides being super cute, a boo-boo bag can be used as a hot or cold pack when your child is in pain. Let your kids sew the bag, fill it with rice, and keep it in the freezer.

10. Fabric Bows

To make these bows, you’ll only need a tiny strip of fabric and a little piece of ribbon. On the plus side, you can attach the bows to hair clips and use them to style your daughter’s hair.

Cute Sewing Ideas For Kids

Once your kids learn the basics of sewing, you should let them use their skills to create more advanced crafts. Here are some cute sewing ideas for kids that will keep your children occupied.

1. Fish Laundry Bag

To make this fun laundry bag, you’ll need colorful fabric, ribbon, a large safety pin, and felt scraps for the eyes. Try to draw or print out a fish pattern, place it on the fabric, and cut out the entire fish shape before you start sewing.

2. Plated Headband

Your daughter(s) will love the idea of having a cute and unique headband, and best of all, they can do all the sewing and embellishing. You will need a scrap of fabric, scrap of interfacing, elastic headband, scrap of matching felt, glue gun, pearls, or buttons for embellishment.

3. Eyeglass Case

To make a cute eyeglass case, you’ll need a colorful piece of fabric, a sewing machine, and some buttons or beads for decoration.

4. Cat From Scraps

Use and combine fabric pieces to create a new and exciting kids toy. To create a cat from scraps, you’ll need fabric, buttons, batting, and a sewing machine.

5. Drawstring Backpack

The great thing about this sewing project is that you can sew the whole backpack from one fabric or use several different materials.

6. Messenger Bag

To make this super easy messenger bag, you’ll need less than a yard of fabric. Best of all, your older kids will be able to do all the sewing with little or no help from you.

7. Teddy Bear

All younger kids love teddy bears, and your children will be excited to sew their own toys. To make this teddy, you’ll need to prepare a pattern, cut out the body, stuff the bear with batting, cut out and sew the muzzle and mouth, and glue the eyes.

8. Socket Snake

To create a socket snake, you’ll need at least 10 clean socks, thread, scissors, red ribbon, pillow stuffing, and a sewing machine.

9. Fabric Flowers

To sew a fabric flower, you’ll need hot glue, a small piece of felt, and a small amount of fabric. Once the flower is done, let your kids decide if they want to use it as decoration or make more flowers.

10. Kids Belt

Let your children make their own belts thanks to this simple sewing project. First, you’ll need to measure your kid’s waist, let them pick the fabric and print for the belt, and use two D-rings as a buckle.

Fun Sewing Projects For Kids

cute sewing ideas for kidsBesides being a useful skill for later in life, sewing can also be a fun activity for children of all ages. Let your children practice their crafts with some of these fun sewing ideas for kids.

1. Felt Mermaids

To create cute mermaid toys, you’ll need felt, fabric, stuffing, wool, needle and thread, and a mermaid pattern.

2. Animal Ornaments

To make animal ornaments, your kids will have to use felt scraps in different colors, thread, a little stuffing, and ribbon for hanging them.

3. Fuzzy Monster Charms

Your kids will love these fuzzy monsters and will have a lot of fun sewing them. For this project, you’ll need fake fur, thread, needle, scissors, pins, polyfill, and a five-inch piece of elastic cord.

4. Monster Purse

If your kids need to take lunch money to the school, this fun monster purse will look better than any wallet your money can buy. To sew it, your kid will need a large rectangular sheet of felt, a large button, thread and needle, and felt pieces for eyes and teeth.

5. Hanging Hearts

For this project, you’ll need felt material in five colors, scissors, needle, bakers twine, paper straw, polyfill, and embroidery thread.

6. Heart Brooch 

To make this cute brooch, your kids will need pink felt, two black brads for eyes, two pink brads for cheeks, brooch bar, and stuffing.

7. Huggy Toys

To make these huggy toys, your child will need material, stuffing, and a pen to draw the face. The great thing about this project is that your kids can pick the shape of their new toys.

8. Pirate Eye Patch

If your kids are into treasure hunting and pirates, they’ll be delighted to sew their own pirate patches. All you’ll need is black felt, black elastic, and thread.

9. Crayon Roll

If your kids love to draw, they will love the idea of sewing a crayon roll to keep all of their pencils and markers in one place.

10. Friendship Bracelet

Your kids can sew cute bracelets for all their friends using fabric, scrap of interfacing, embroidery floss for the ties, and thread.


Kids are never too young to learn crafts, and sewing will not only bring lots of joy and fun to your children, but it’s also a practical skill to learn. These sewing ideas for kids might even spark your kids imagination to come up with their own designs and creations.

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