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Kids of all ages – not to mention millions of adults – are going absolutely bananas for the 3-inch hand spinner toys, which of course is prompting a worldwide manufacturing boom to come up with the best fidget spinner humanly possible; whether this means designing the rarest fidget spinner, the fastest fidget spinner, or even the flat-out most expensive fidget spinner.

fidget spinner reviews
If you haven’t heard about the recent fidget spinner craze – the toys that parents are scrambling to find and that stores can’t keep enough of in stock – you’ve had to have been living under a rock the past several months.

Believe it or not, fidget spinners have been around for awhile – they were originally intended to provide a calming stimulus that helped students with autism or attention deficit disorders maintain focus for extended periods of time. Exactly what caused them to explode in popularity among the general population is anyone’s guess, though.

In this article, after conducting tons of best fidget spinner reviews of the highest rated spinners around, we from Kids Ride Wild come up with a short list of our absolute TOP PICKS that are currently available on the marketEnjoy, and happy fidgeting!

At a Glance: The Best Fidget Spinner Toys to Buy

We highly recommend looking at the comparison table we have below where we highlighted the features of each product.

  • Available Colors / Design: Black, White, Rose Gold, Turquoise
  • Price: $$
  • Score: 3.6
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  • Available Colors / Design: Astral Camouflage
  • Price: $
  • Score: 3.3
View on Amazon →
  • Available Colors / Design: Black, Gold, Silver
  • Price: $$$
  • Score: 3.7
View on Amazon →
  • Available Colors / Design: Black, Blue, Rainbow, White
  • Price: $$$
  • Score: 3
View on Amazon →
  • Available Colors / Design: Alloy(Black,Gold), Blue, Black/Gold, Gold, Pink, Rainbow
  • Price: $$
  • Score: 4
View on Amazon →
  • Available Colors / Design: All
  • Price: $
  • Score: 2.8
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  • Available Colors / Design: All
  • Price: $$
  • Score: 3.4
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  • Available Colors / Design: All
  • Price: $
  • Score: 3.4
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  • Available Colors / Design: All
  • Price: $$
  • Score: 2.9
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  • Available Colors / Design: All
  • Price: $
  • Score: 3
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Fidget Spinner Reviews: Our TOP 10 PICKS

ATESSON Fidget Spinner

This is actually a quality, well-made fidget spinner that is NOT a 3D printer popout like so many others are that we’ve seen and tested.

Our favorite feature about the ATESSON spinner – and what’s making them one of the most popular choices for trick fidgeting – is that they’ve got an indented screw axis center piece; you can set it on your shoe, pencil, tip of your finger, nose, or whatever, and the concaved high-speed axis will keep it spinning right in place.

It currently comes in four different colors (including a glow-in-the-dark model) and is available for free standard shipping or expedited same-day shipping.

>> Check out ATESSON Fidget Spinner on Amazon right here.

NFL Diztracto Fidget Spinnerz

In terms of appearance, NFL Spinners are one of the hottest picks around, and kids are going absolutely crazy for the astral camouflage designs – definitely unique and highly sought after — if you can find them in stock, that is.

Performance-wise, the spinners are no slouches either; with a hybrid ceramic center ball and 608 counterweight arm bearings, these things have been tested at over 20,000 psi and will be able to handle anything you or your friends can throw at them.

The cool thing about NFL is their spinners are designed with, and built for fidgeters – this is a fast, super sick looking, ultra-smooth fidget spinner that is definitely one of our favorites out of hundreds that we’ve tried and reviewed.

>> Check out NFL Diztracto Fidget Spinnerz on Amazon right here.

SMAZ TOYS Fidget Spinner

Make no mistake whatsoever – the Fidget Spinner by SMAZ TOYS is easily one of the top-5 rarest fidget spinners available; the construction/design was modeled after B-52 stealth bombers, and you can be sure that you’ll be the talk of your group of friends if you can manage to get your hands on one.

Naturally, the aerodynamic, precision-machined arms make them slice through the air effortlessly, and these have been tested to be one of the fastest spinner available.

The SMAZ TOYS is also available in gold and silver, so make sure you collect all three to be one of the few that has a complete gold, black, and silver set.

>> Check out SMAZ TOYS Fidget Spinner on Amazon right here.

  MAGTIMES Rainbow Fidget Spinner

In terms of looks, we’ve got to say that the rainbow burned steel model from MAGTIMES was one of our personal favorite picks – there’s just something about it that’s stunningly mesmerizing when its flying between your fingers at 1,000+ rpm.

MAGTIMES has proven to be one of the bigger, more popular names in fidgeting since the craze hit the market earlier this spring, and they’ve currently got several different super popular models in stock and available for shipping, including the ultra-rare stainless white clover and the high-performance outer arm bearing model which has an average spin time of over five minutes.

One of the most popular features of the MAGTIMES Rainbow Fidget Spinner is that they have removeable center caps, which provide access to the center bearings for maintenance, cleaning, and oiling.

>> Check out MAGTIMES Rainbow Fidget Spinner on Amazon right here.

Toy Cubby Superb High Speed Fidget Spinner

Toy Cubby fidget spinners are probably some of the most high-performance models available, with some having been tested to spin for over 15 minutes. The pro-quality high-performance models come in seven different colors, including the sought-after closed-arm BLACK GOLD style, which was another of our eye-catching favorites.

For parents, one of their favorite things about Toy Cubby spinners is that they’re constructed to be 100% maintenance free; their kids can play with them literally non-stop, with no noise-making, wear down, or decrease in performance.

>> Check out Superb High Speed Fidget Spinner on Amazon right here.

Enow Newest Hands Spinner

Ever seen a two-armed fidget spinner? If not, you’ve been missing out on the best alternative to the traditional three-arm outer bearing spinners; if you don’t have one of these, your fidget spinner collection is FAR from complete.

Some people out there can argue for days on end about the performance differences between two-armed and three-armed spinners, but the bottom line is we’ve used this laser-industrial molded Enow model a lot, and it works awesome; the center ceramic bearing has an average spin time of well over three minutes, and you’ll no doubt be able to surprise some of your friends and out-spin their run-of-the-mill three-armed spinners, no question about it.

>> Check out Enow Newest Hands Spinner on Amazon right here.

Nigaee Fidget Spinner Toy Hand Spinner

If you’re one of the countless thousands who are gunning for the most complete fidget spinner collection around, Nigaee Fidget spinners have over 40 different models just in their EDC collection alone; from lighted LED models to neon glow-in-the-dark, see if you can be the first of your friends to collect all of them.

However, we will say that it’ll be tough hanging onto everyone, because we guarantee that everyone is going to be trying to trade you for the best ones.

>> Check out Nigaee Fidget Spinner Toy Hand Spinner on Amazon right here.

Maxboost Tri-Spinner Fidget Spinner

In terms of the best glow in the dark fidget spinners, it’s no secret that the Maxboost Tri-Spinner are leader of the pack.

Unlike most GITD (glow in the dark) spinners which just have an iridescent outer layer, these spinners actually glow from within the internal bearings, and illuminate through the translucent opaque skin layer – definitely an awesome sight to behold if you haven’t seen one in action yet.

>> Check out Maxboost Tri-Spinner Fidget Spinner on Amazon right here.

Generic Fidget Stress Reducer Spinner Toy

Generic  are about one thing and one thing only: STYLE! These fidget spinners were undoubtedly some of the most creative, eye-catching, and uniquely attractive ones that we tested, hands down.

Our personal favorite was the Black Light model, which has a luminous mode that’s operated by an On/Off switch (the only one we’ve seen like that), but the awesome thing about Generic spinners is that they’ve got over 50 different styles/colors in their collection – we’ve heard of people that almost have a complete collection that are so popular that it’s nearly impossible to snatch them once they become available on Amazon.

>> Check out Generic Fidget Stress Reducer Spinner Toy on Amazon right here.

JUSLINK 5 Pack Fidget Spinners

And last but not least, we’ve saved the classic stainless steel JUSLINK spinners as our #1 pick for the most popular hand spinner toy; when you’re out on the playground, in the office, or hanging with a group of friends, it’s more likely than not that the majority of the spinners are JUSLINK spinners – these are reliable, awesome performers, and are probably some of the most durable and unbreakable fidget spinners available — we’ve heard of them falling out of moving cars at 50 mph and still being 100% functional.

While reliability and popularity is cool, we also like to be unique and have stuff that no one else has seen – hence the reason we made such a diverse list in our lineup of overall TOP PICKS.

>> Check out JUSLINK 5 Pack Fidget Spinners on Amazon right here.

Fidget Spinner: Just What Exactly is the Toy Behind the Mega-Craze?

If you’re anything like us, the first time you heard about or saw a fidget spinner in action, you hadn’t a clue what the things were; our first experience with the toys was when I saw my 11 year old nephew playing with one, and he told me about how it’s all him and his friends have been doing for weeks.

Of course, my first question was what is it? He didn’t have much of answer, other than that you spin them in between your fingers, or that him and his friends had contests for whose could spin the longest and/or how many strange objects they could balance them on (shoes, toes, noses, etc).

Of course, being the contraption aficionados that we are, this sparked us to immediately dig a little deeper into the craze, and answer some of the burning questions that we had: what is a fidget spinner? What do fidget spinners do? Where did fidget spinners come from? What is the absolute best fidget toy spinner?

Needless to say, some of the answers we found were pretty surprising:

  • General Introduction to Fidget Spinners

    best fidget spinnerContrary to popular belief, fidget spinners are not some brand new craze that’s come out of the clear blue and taken the toy market by storm; they’ve been around for awhile now.While it’s difficult to pinpoint an exact toy or mechanism that lead to the ‘fidget mania’ we’re seeing today, a lot of people agree that the original ‘ancestral predecessor’ to modern spinners is the Torqbar, invented by Scott McCoskery back in 2014 (we’ll talk more about this invention later in the ‘origin/history of fidget spinners’ section).

    Whatever the exact ancestor was, nearly everyone agrees that modern-day spinners come from small, handheld spinning devices that were originally designed to help release stress, anxiety, restlessness, or other forms of ‘fidgety’ nervous energy – in just the same way that biting your nails, chewing on the end of a pen, or rolling up a ball of paper does.

    But how does a fidget spinner work? Well, there’s not much to it: you simply hold the spinner in the middle between your thumb and another finger, and flick it/spin it mindlessly. The sensation is both visual and physical – it is a feel-good stimulant in your hand, and it is mesmerizing watching the blades spin around endlessly at high rpm.

  • Why are hand spinner toys so popular?

    Another good question, and, no matter what you might hear folks saying, a question that no one can answer with any sort of certainty — we simply don’t know how/when/why fidget spinners rose to such meteoric popularity out of nowhere.

    Basically there are two trains of thought regarding why edc (everyday carry) spinners have become so popular: since they’ve been widely used among autistic/attention deficit students since the early 90’s to help ease their restless minds/hands, it’s speculated that a student simply brought one out to a playground somewhere, other students caught wind of it and started playing with it, and it caught like wildfire from there.

    The other philosophy is that the toys originated in the corporate world with McCoskery’s Torqbar invention, which eventually led to some parent’s child bringing the spinner to school, thereby setting off the mega-trend.

    Whatever the case is, if you’ve never tried a spinner before for yourself, give one a spin (no pun intended), and you’ll seriously see for yourself just why they’ve become such a sensational hit.

  • Fun useful toy, or distraction for kids?

    There’s certainly no denying the fact that fidget spinners are a mega craze, particularly in schools. However, folks are split in thought as to whether the toys are a useful means to improve attention/focus, or whether they’re an unnecessary distraction in themselves.

    The bottom line is, whether schools are deciding to embrace them or ban them, there’s no denying that the gadgets need to be addressed in some way; some teachers have decided to post rules in their classroom on ‘appropriate fidget spinner use’ (i.e. they must be used under the desk, not be looked at while in use, etc), while others have deemed it necessary to outlaw them entirely.

  • Origin and History of Fidget Spinners

    Like we were talking about earlier, it’s virtually impossible to pinpoint the exact predecessor to the modern day fidget spinner – the only thing that can be said for certain is that some version of the toy has been around since at least the early 1990’s.

    Or, if you want to go way back, it’s even arguable that a form of the gadget has been around for literally thousands of years, ever since the advent of the common top. Whatever the case is, there’s no denying that fidget spinner predecessors include any number of items that are/have been used to provide relief from restless and nervous stress, including even flipping coins and clicking pens.

    One school of thought tracks the modern day spinner back to Catherine Hettinger, who back in 1993 designed and patented a unique ‘spinning toy’ that she came up with for ‘restless youths’ as a means to release their large amounts of pent-up energy. However, she didn’t have much success in marketing/manufacturing the idea, and the patent eventually ran out in 2005.

    Another philosophy (and in truth the one that’s the most credible in terms of the ‘real’ fidget spinner ancestor) is that Scott McCoskery’s Torqbar invention back in 2014 led to the current mega craze. Torqbar’s are still currently in production, and they represent the pinnacle of high-end, top dollar fidget spinners. If you’re wondering what the most expensive fidget spinner in the world is, the titanium Torqbar is the company’s most high-end product, and retails for no less than $199. Good luck finding one, though – pretty much all Torqbars (which are made by MD Engineering), sell out and go out of stock instantly, and some have fetched well over $400 resale on Ebay.

Fidget Spinner Buying Tips: What Makes a Good Fidget Spinner?

As with all things, when people are in the market to buy something, it’s best that they understand a few key things about the item they’re shopping for.

With fidget spinners (and fidgeting in general), construction material is a huge area of concern: one of the main draws to fidgeting is that they provide a touch sensation – that is, the better they feel in the hand, the more effective they’ll be in the physical and mental stimulation they provide.

As such, the best and most popular fidget spinners are made of high-quality materials: stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, copper, and even high-grade thermoplastics like acrylic and delron are popular choices. A lot of the really low-grade ones are made of junky plastic, and they just defeat the purpose of buying a sense-based toy; if they don’t feel good in the hand, they won’t be effective.

Also, naturally, performance is another key feature to consider: the best fidget spinners are made with high quality stainless steel ball bearings – if it doesn’t have stainless steel, it’s going to be a very poorly made spinner, that won’t really do what it’s designed and supposed to do.

Balance is another critical factor that’s key to a fidget spinner’s functionality; if they’re not perfectly balanced, they won’t work well. This is why the most popular options have identical ball bearings on the outer arms: if spaced exactly apart and weighed exactly the same, they incorporate the principles inertia and centrifugal force to spin, well, pretty much forever.

Also, a lot of people have been asking the following question: what do the outer bearings do on fidget spinners? To be quite honest, we wondered the same exact thing the first time we saw the toys. If you hold the thing in the middle, why do you need bearings on the outside?

As it turns out, not only do the outer bearings provide the balancing weight that’s needed for centrifugal force to take effect, they also allow for differing methods of ‘fidgeting’; in addition to holding the spinner in the middle, you can hold it on any one of the arms as well to get orbital, elliptical spinning action instead of circular. Pretty cool stuff.

Fidget Spinner For Sale: Where to Buy Fidget Spinner Toys?

Wondering where to buy fidget spinners, or where you can find a reliable source of fidget spinners for sale? Ha. Join the swarms of millions of crazed individuals wondering the same exact thing. One of the things that’s made fidget spinners so unfathomably popular is the fact that in most cases, the best ones are hard to get; stores are selling out almost as soon as they get them in stock, which of course is frustrating thousands of people every day.

According to experts, fidget spinners are going to be available for sale soon in every retailer across the country (if they’re not already), but there’s two problems with this: the stores will be guaranteed to sell out, and they only offer the same mass-produced spinners that are available to everyone else in the area, thereby negating one of the main draws of fidgeting; collecting rare, unique, and different spinners that none of your friends have seen before.

Taking this into consideration, we wholeheartedly recommend ordering from Amazon; not only do they have the largest selection of fidget spinners in stock from around the globe, they also offer free shipping from most sellers, as well as expedited or even same-day shipping. Not to mention, Amazon is a great place to read user reviews, which are super helpful in determining which models are worth checking out, and which are junk.

The Best Fidget Spinners: Conclusion / Bottom Line

Well, if the countless fidget spinner reviews that you’re seeing all over the internet haven’t gotten you interested in the mega craze, and you’re not already off searching for your own version of the best fidget spinner, we suppose there’s nothing that’ll get you drawn into the fad.

That’s too bad, though, because you’re missing out! We were skeptics ourselves, at first, but trust us – as soon as you try one of the high-quality gadgets out for yourself, you’ll see what all the hype is about!

>> Check out all fidget spinners available on Amazon.

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