Kids Dirt Bikes – #1 Trusted Guide, Reviews & Best Picks (Oct 2018)

Kids Dirt Bikes 2018
Updated in October 2018 with more content incl. safety advice and two-stroke vs four-stroke engine guide. We also re-visited our ‘best picks’ section, adding several new kids’ dirt bikes to the list. Enjoy!

We live in times where kids can spend fun time as never before, enjoying an amazing ride on toys their parents never even dreamed of. As your kids grow up, they fall in love with scooters, pocket bikes or downsized dune buggies, to name a few. Sooner or later, your kids will want to ride.

From the moment your children ask you if they can get a mini dirt bike you will most certainly have mixed feelings. Obviously, you want your child to be happy and chances are that you are as excited as your kid, or even more so!

As you move forward and start to look for a perfect dirt bike for your kid, you will think about safety, compare different kids’ dirt bike types, and wonder what size of the bike you should go for. Yes, choosing the right dirt bike for kids can be tough but fortunately, you found us, and we are here to help.

In this in-depth kids dirt bikes’ buying guide, we’ll introduce you to mini dirt bikes for children. Not only you’ll hear some good, practical tips from us but you’ll also learn what are the best bikes currently on the market, what you should pay attention to when choosing right bike and how to decide on the right size.

Let’s start, shall we?

Ultimate Guide to Buying Kids’ Dirt Bikes

We thought it makes sense to start with the quick comparison table which shows kids dirt bike models that we think are amongst the best ones on the market right now. Here are our top picks as of October 2018:

Kids Dirt BikeEngine TypeAgePriceOur ScoreStore LinkOur Review
Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket
Razor MX650
Electric10 - 14$$$4.9AmazonFull Razor MX650
Razor SX500 McGrath
Razor SX500
Electric8 - 12$$$4.9AmazonFull Razor SX500
Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket
Razor MX350
Electric5 - 8$4.5AmazonFull Razor MX350
Monster Moto MM-B80
Monster Moto MM-B80
Gas8 - 12$$4.8Amazon(review post coming soon)
Razor MX500 Dirt Bike
Razor MX500
Electric8 - 12$$$4.7AmazonFull Razor MX500
Coleman Powersports
Gas10 - 16$$4.8Amazon(review post coming soon)
Coolster 50cc Dirt Bike
Coolster 50cc Dirt Bike
Gas6 - 12$$4.2AmazonFull Coolster 50cc
Razor MX400 Dirt Rocket
Razor MX400
Electric6 - 9$$4.0Amazon(review post coming soon)
SSR125cc Dirt Bike
SSR 125cc
Gas12 - 16$$$$4.9Amazon(review post coming soon)
Dirt bike 70cc Semi Auto
70cc dirt bike
Gas8 - 14$$$4.3Amazon(review post coming soon)
Apollo Dirt Bike 125cc
Youth Dirt Bike - Apollo Dirt Bike 125cc 17 inch
Gas12 - 16$$$4.5Amazon(review post coming soon)

How Do Dirt Bikes for Kids Differ From Regular Dirt Bikes?

Kids Dirt Bikes are generally smaller versions of the regular dirt bikes for adults.  They are lightweight, easy to ride and often act as an introductory dirt bike for young children.

Monster Moto Dirt Bike For Children

Those small-sized entry-models for youngest children (age 3-6) typically have limited features and may be considered as ride-on toys rather than regular yet scaled-down motorcycles. For example, they feature limited or even no suspension whatsoever.

Fortunately, popular dirt bikes such as the ones from Razor: MX500, MX650 or SX500 are all equipped with a dual suspension, thick tires and enough electric power to actually provide some genuine dirt bike experience for our little riders. We could say the same for the Monster Moto bikes, which is a nice hybrid between dirt bike and motorcycle.

They are also high-end, expensive dirt bikes that are nothing but a scaled down version of their adult-sized counterparts. Bikes like KTM 50SX Mini, Honda CRF50 or Yamaha TTR50 are all high-end, gas-powered dirt bikes that feature fully-featured suspension and all other features you’d find on their adult-sized counterparts.

How else do mini bikes differ from the regular ones? Generally speaking, there are some major differences between mini vs adult-sized bikes that you should know before you start to look for the kids’ dirt bikes for sale:

  • Kids’ bikes are smaller in actual size. For example, Razor’s MX350 dimensions are 44 x 24.5 x 31 inches whereas the Kuberg Start electric motorbike for the youngest kids features a low 16-inch seat height and less than 45 pounds in weight. Of course, there are also slightly bigger models for more grown-up kids. But generally mini dirt bikes for kids are much smaller than the adult models.
  • They have small-sized engines. Until some years ago, gas powered dirt bikes were the only option available, with engines ranging from 50cc – typical for beginner riders – to stronger four-stroke engines up to 125cc for advanced riders. Although gas dirt bikes for kids are still in demand today, the electric dirt bikes are the ones that have been growing in popularity in recent years. Why? Due to their simplicity, silent and efficient low-maintenance operation, instant torque provided and attractive prices.
  • Youth Dirt Bikes are not built for street use. Most bikes that you’ll find these days generally do not meet the so-called “The Federal Minimum Requirement” for on-road motorcycles that every state requires.  This effectively means that most dirt bikes for kids are not street legal and can be operated only on racetracks, private roads, or within private properties.
  • Limited suspension options. Dirt bikes aimed at children often have limited suspension options. Some models do not have suspension at all but they are typically low-cost entry models for the youngest children. Some more advanced models are equipped with both front and rear suspension. For example, popular Razor Dirt Bike features dual suspension design to ensure a smooth off-road ride. Generally, though, it’s worth to note that suspension elements in kids pit bikes are not as advanced as those seen in adult dirt bikes.
  • Kill-Switch or/and Speed Limiter. Naturally, minibikes aimed at kids aren’t that fast like their adult-sized counterparts but even their max speed of 15 – 25 mph is fast enough to be considered too much in some circumstances. This is why, some models you’ll find – and especially those with larger sized engines – feature either an adjustable speed limiter or in some cases a kill switch which allows rider to “pull the plug” and kill the engine instantly when triggered.

How Can Kids Benefit from Riding Youth Dirt Bikes ?

Dirt Bike for 7 Year OldKids love riding youth dirt bikes as every ride can easily turn into an exciting adventure! Youth dirt bikes can be a great way for young people to forget about TVs, Playstations, Virtual Worlds, Games, and replace those with an uber-important physical outdoor activity.

Riding youth dirt bikes is not only super fun, but it also engages children’s bodies and minds. Even more importantly, riding dirt bikes helps children develop motor skills, coordination and confidence.

Kids that are physically active have stronger muscles, healthier hearts, and properly developed reflexes.

Riding youth dirt bikes will definitely help young people build endurance, make them feel good, and feel happy! After all, what is more rewarding than seeing a smile on the face of a healthy child?

Perhaps the best way to explain the positive effects of riding dirt bikes by kids is to look at this review from a happy customer who purchased a Kuberg Cross youth dirt bike on Amazon. Check it out, it’s worth reading. And as for the Kuberg bike itself, here’s the 2016 edition where you can learn more.

How to Choose Mini Dirt Bikes for Kids?

Dirt Bike for 12 Years oldChoosing the right youth dirt bike from a variety of available models can be both fun and challenging process. It’s very important to choose wisely, especially if a young rider has never ridden a dirt bike before.

Every child is different and you know yours best, but typically most kids are ready to start riding dirt bikes when they are 3-4 years old – or when they start being able to ride a bicycle without training wheels.

Although the smallest entry-bikes cost less than more “universal” kids dirt bikes, your kid will quickly outgrow a small bike. Therefore, sometimes it makes sense to invest into a larger sized dirt bike that will serve for a few years.

The youth dirt bikes for beginner riders tend to have low seat heights to make kids feel in control. Such introductory dirt bikes are lightweight and nimble enough to be unintimidating, yet challenging enough that young riders won’t grow out of them before getting their money’s worth.

Pay attention to bike’s weight. The lighter the dirt bike, the easier it is to ride and maneuver. The smallest dirt bikes for the youngest riders can weigh as little as 20 pounds whereas dirt bikes for kids 7 to 14 years old can weigh anything between 60 and 120 pounds.

For example, a high-end Kuberg Trial E 21-inch Dirt Bike weights less than 65 pounds which is a respectable achievement given that it is recommended for children up to 10 years old.

Mini Dirt Bikes for Kids:  Electric vs Gas Powered

Gas vs Electric Mini Dirt BikeWhen deciding on a dirt bike to purchase for their kids these days, parents have an option that was not available years back, and that is an electric dirt bike as opposed to a gas-powered one.

While some parents might initially raise their eyebrows at the thought of an electric dirt bike putting out the same kind of power as a 4 or 2-stroke gas engine, the technology behind electric dirt bikes is sophisticated. They run fast and accelerate even faster, providing plenty of joy.

While it is true that gas-powered engines have a slight advantage when it comes to power, electric engines deliver instant torque and often better acceleration, required for an exciting off-road experience.

Also, there are many features of an electric dirt bike that make them a better choice than gas-powered.

  • Electric dirt bikes save money compared to gas-powered because you do not have to buy fuel. Most electric bikes are powered by high-tech lithium-ion batteries, that can be recharged from an electrical outlet and will run for long enough to make the fun last (but not for too long, so that it’s possible to get children back home for a dinner).
  • Electric dirt bikes are also a LOT quieter than their gas-powered cousins, and this means that a parent does not have to worry about the neighbors getting upset like they might when a 2-stroke dirt bike is blasting around the neighborhood trails.
  • Some trails will not allow gas-powered dirt bikes because of the noise, but this prohibition does not typically extend to electric dirt bikes.
  • Electric dirt bikes are also far eco-friendlier, do not leave the smoke behind and leave a far smaller carbon footprint. There won’t be any gasoline smell in the air too, and that appeals to environmentally conscious parents and kids alike.
  • Maintenance is another area where electric dirt bikes have an advantage over gas-powered. Electric dirt bikes do not require motor oil or spark plugs and will start right up with the push of a button.
  • Also, the engines of electric dirt bikes do not get anywhere near as hot as gas-powered, so parents do not have to worry about the burns that may result from a riding a gas-powered mini bike.
  • Parents may also like the fact that most electric dirt bikes do not require the use of a clutch and there is no need to shift gears manually. While some might say that shifting gears and using a clutch is part of the fun of riding a dirt bike, beginners may have an easier time riding electric because of this feature.

The bottom line here is that when the cost of fuel, maintenance, safety, noise, and ease of use are all considered, an electric dirt bike is a much more sensible choice than a gas-powered bike. 

Some parents will still want their kids to ride gas-powered, and the kids themselves might feel that way, too. However, with all the advantages to an electric dirt bike, it’s hard to make an argument against them.

Gas-Powered Youth Dirt Bikes: 2- Stroke vs 4-Stroke

2 stroke vs 4 stroke dirt bike childrenIf you prefer traditional, gas-powered engines that’s fully OK, they have undeniable advantages (including that noise!). However, as you search for a perfect bike for your child, you will most likely need to choose between a 2-stroke or a 4-stroke bike. Here’s what you should know.

There is a significant difference between the two and four-stroke engines, and there are pros and cons to both types. Adult riders tend to be educated in these differences and have their personal preferences, but the question of which one is better for a kid might make a parent stop and think for a bit.

The first thing to realize regarding the difference between a two-stroke engine and a four-stroke is the power versus weight ratio. What this means is that a two-stroke 125cc bike has the same amount of power as a 250cc four-stroke, but the 125cc bike is much lighter, so the 125cc delivers a lot more kick when the throttle is twisted.

A 100-pound kid is going to experience a lot more pickup on an 80cc two-stroke than an 80cc four-stroke and go a lot faster, so the rider must be prepared for this and experienced enough to handle the bike.

Speeds of up to 60 mph or more can be expected of an 80cc two-stroke, while an 80cc four-stroke tops out at around 50 mph. A four-stroke engine is a better choice for a beginner because it does not have the lightning-fast acceleration and is easier to handle.

A four-stroke dirt bike is going to deliver a much smoother ride than its two-stroke counterpart, however. The powerband on the two-stroke means more shifting and a two-stroke is going to wear out a rider more quickly than a four-stroke, so a four-stroke is better for longer rides.

When it comes to maintenance, a two-stroke dirt bike is cheaper and easier to maintain. Two-stroke engines can take more of a beating than a four-stroke and are very basic to fix, so a kid is going to be able to learn how to repair and maintain a bike more easily with a two-stroke.

While a four-stroke might need less maintenance in the short term, they are far costlier to repair and maintain in the long run. Four-stroke engines have more parts than a two-stroke, and the parts themselves for a four-stroke are more expensive. Also, because they are more complicated, four-stroke dirt bikes will require the services of a mechanic more often, and that adds to the expense.

To sum up:

  • a two-stroke dirt bike has more pickup, is faster than a four-stroke of the same size and is easier and less expensive to repair and maintain.
  • A two-stroke is a blast for ripping around trails with a lot of shifting and speed, so there is a more advanced skill level required than for a four-stroke.
  • A four-stroke will be a more expensive bike to own but has a smoother ride with more gentle acceleration so that might be a better choice for a beginner.

Safety in Dirt Bikes for Kids

The first consideration regarding safety for kids riding dirt bikes is whether they are physically ready. A youngster should be comfortable getting on and off the bike and holding it up.

There should be no problem reaching the brake and gear shift levers, and familiarity with how they function is just as important. Kids must learn all the working mechanics of a bike, such as a starter and a throttle.

As far as the right size of dirt bike, a general rule is that a 6- to an 11-year-old child should ride a dirt bike with an engine size of 70 ccs and lower, while 12- to 15-year old kids can ride a bike up to 90 ccs. Always err on the side of caution when deciding on the size of the bike for a kid and do not buy a larger one with the thought that the child will grow into the bike.

Proper riding gear is essential for the safety of kids riding dirt bikes. Of course, the most critical piece of equipment is a helmet, but it is also a good idea to purchase a riding suit, riding boots and gloves. Make sure that all these items fit snugly and properly because loose-fitting gear is clumsier and can distract the rider.

Whether a parent has riding experience or not, it never hurts to enroll a child in a dirt bike riding school. The advantage of a riding school is that they will be learning with other kids from a professional and there are none of the emotionally charged interactions that can happen when any parent teaches their child how to do something that can be potentially dangerous. These instructors can also teach them about trail safety and rules, such as not racing their friends on a single-track trail.

Different aspects of riding that kids need to learn to ride safely are things like correct riding posture, smooth clutch and throttle control, lower body control, and the right way to turn. Counterbalancing, riding over obstacles, traversing hills, K-turns and U-turns are essential as well.

Kids also need to learn how to maintain a safe distance from other riders and the leading causes of accidents on the trail. Make sure that kids know never to ride alone so that they have another rider around in case of a mishap.

Kids Dirt Bikes – Our Top Five Picks for 2018

Razor MX350 Electric


Razor MX350

The Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket is a miniature electric dirt bike for kids that took the market by storm since it was first released back in 2005. We are not surprised as it’s the best value for money when it comes to introductory kids pit bikes.MX350 has dimensions of 44 x 24.5 x 31 inches, weighs 70 pounds and features a steel frame, large knobby tires and gear-less, 24V battery-operated electric engine. It speeds up the bike to 14 miles per hour on a paved level surface. Although Razor rated MX350 as recommended for ages 14 and older, tens of  customers reported that due to the low seating position (about 20 inches off the ground,) the MX350 is actually a perfect choice for 5-8 year olds. This little youth dirt bike will ride surprisingly well on the grass and according to many customers, the battery will last even for a 2+ hour ride which is higher than advertised by the manufacturer. [read full Razor MX350 review…]

>> Check out Razor MX350 on Amazon right here

Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike


Razor MX500

The Razor MX-500 are quality, high-performance dirt bikes that provide amazing riding experiences at an affordable price. MX500 is a slightly larger bike (46.5 x 13.8 x 26 inches) featuring large front (16″) and rear (14″) pneumatic tires, and a 500W electric motor which is enough to carry young riders at respectable speeds of up to 17mph. More importantly, this is a very safe and very durable bike that features an authentic dirt bike frame geometry. This popular bike, with hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon alone, is very easy to assemble even by kids themselves (but then please make sure you tighten up the bolts, just in case.) However, perhaps the biggest advantage of the Razor MX500 is that it is very, very quiet, so you can be sure your kids won’t annoy the neighbors when they ride near their property. What age is the MX500 best suited for? Although rated by the manufacturer for 14+, it will fit most kids between 8 and 12 with ease. In fact, there are many parents have purchased MX500 for their child’s 8th birthday. [Read full Razor MX500 review]

>> Check out Razor MX500 on Amazon right here

Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike


Razor MX650

As your kids grow up, they will need a slightly larger and more powerful bike. Whereas the MX350 is ideal for youngest drivers (5-8) and the MX500 fits kids aged 8-12, the Razor MX650 will be a good pick either for older kids (10+)  or more experienced young riders. It doesn’t come by surprise that the manufacturer rates the bike for 16+, as we already noticed Razor tends to add some sort of “extra safety buffer” to their products. However, from our experience and from other customer reviews, even kids that turned 8 or 9 will master this kids dirt bike with ease. It may look like a full-size bike by the pictures but actually, the dimensions are 56 x 24.5 x 36 inches (LxWxH), so it’s definitely the kids’ version. Similarly to other Razor models, this fully electric model is very quiet and provides enough speed and power to guarantee fun and challenge without presenting an unacceptable risk. What really stands out is the suspension. The rear suspension is fully adjustable whereas the front features inverted motocross suspension fork.  We can definitely recommend Razor MX650 to anyone looking for an electric-powered dirt bike for kids that is something more than a toy and something less than a full-blown, gas-powered youth dirt bike. [Read full Razor MX650 review]

>> Check out Razor MX650 on Amazon right here

Kuberg Trial E Electric Offroad Trial Bike


Click to see the product on Amazon

The Kuberg Trial E is an electric kids dirt bike of the highest quality. It’s more expensive than other little mini dirt bikes for kids but on other hand, each and every detail in this bike is a top-notch quality. Pit bikes by Kuberg will carry young riders between 5 and 12 years old. Small kids won’t find any trouble in getting on this bike, as the seating’s height is low at 21 inches. This little beast features the 750W electric motor engine that speeds up to 18 mph. What’s most impressive though is the battery operating time which lasts for more than 2 hours of continuous riding! Another unique feature that we haven’t seen before is the parental speeding control which allows parents to limit the bike’s maximum speed. The Kubert Trial E is essentially a silent bike that allows the fun of backyard riding while keeping peace with the neighbors. It is an amazing invention by Kuberg and we love it for its heavy-duty design, smooth suspension, stylish look, and many safety features, such as responsive brakes. [Read more Kuberg Dirt Bike Guide]

>> Check out Kuberg Trial-E on Amazon right here

Motovox MVX70 Gas-Powered Mini Dirt Bike


Motovox MVX70 Gas 70cc

The Motovox MVX70 is a youth dirt bike with a 70cc gas-powered, four-stroke engine that’s pumping out 5.3 horses. What Motovox has developed is a fully-featured miniature dirt bike featuring a steel frame, coil-over rear suspension and telescoping fork on the front. Brakes are drum-type on both front and rear. One would probably expect that a gas dirt bike like this one might be difficult to operate by kids but…nothing is further from the truth! Motovox MvX70 features clutch-less, semi-automatic 4-speed transmission that allows everyone to spend a great time riding. What’s important, it’s delivered in one piece and needs almost no assembly. Once you unpack it from its box, all you need to do is to attach the handle-bar and your youngster will be ready to go.  The 70cc engine is small enough to be safe for kids yet, unlike 50cc which is typical for entry-level gas dirt bikes, it will allow kids to enjoy it for much longer until they outgrow it. [Read the full 70cc Dirt Bike Guide]

>> Check out Motovox MVX70 on Amazon right here

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  • Hi! Just looking for advice from parents about dirtbike safety. I purchased an electric model for my 9 year old son. He is a beginner but i think he will do extremely well based on his bike and other skills. What kind of pads besides the helmet would he need? It goes 15 mph and he would ride it on our private street and around our grassy yard, no rocks or funny terrain. Does he need a collar or chest protector? If he would hit a curb or lose control i am worried about injuries. Are regular skateboarding knee and elbow pads ok or should he have “riding pants” ? Please advise! Thank you!

    • Elbow and knee pads are highly recommended. It’s best to get dirt bike / ATV pads, you can find these on Amazon. However, even skateboard gear can provide some protection. If you son is going to ride in the backyard, on grass, that’s a different threat than when riding on the pavement (or any other hard surface9. We always recommend NOT to save on child’s safety. Good helmet, elbow and knee pads, plus some back and/or chest protector – these are all things we’d very seriously recommend.

    • My 9 year old is getting his very first 70cc dirt bike and I’m buying all safety items I can. Helmet, goggles, gloves, chest protector, pants, and boots. You can’t ever be too safe on these motorized bikes as they do go pretty fast!

      • That’s so true! We can’t just stress enough how important the safety gear is and are always recommending buying such. Riding dirt bikes is great fun for the little ones but parents should always act responsibly and invest into their kids’ safety.

        Thanks for your valuable comment!