Razor SX500 Review (Jeremy McGrath Edition)

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Razor SX500 McGrath Review

.Dirt bikes are apparently now doing the rounds as the “in-thing” for kids. Gone are the days of riding bicycles and tricycles. Kids nowadays have become more adventurous. They want something a little more exciting to spice up their boring days. Razor SX500 provides just that. Since the bike is a new addition to Razor’s dirt bike family (it’s a 2015/2016 model), there hasn’t been many Razor SX500 reviews posted online yet. We thought it’s time for us to step in and provide one. Here we go!

Let us say it straight: we think the SX500 razor is currently the best electric dirt bike under $500 available in the US market. Above that pricepoint, there’s only one brand worth considering and that’s Kuberg, a maker of excellent (yet more expensive) electric dirt bikes for children (note: we covered Kuberg dirt bikes right here).

Anyway, back to SX500: calling this bike the best one is a bold statement, we know it, but considering that its predecessor – the Razor MX500 – has been so well rated by us before, the fact that we call SX500 the best one actually means something.

There’s something in this bike that just make it feel so well made, so consistent in design. Razor has generally been known for their attention to details and the overall quality of their products, but this time they really nailed it. Trust us, after reviewing dozens of products here on our blog we know this and that about dirt bikes

Let’s talk about the overall performance. SX500’s variable speed motor delivers a super-charged performance. The large tires helps to ensure that the rider is getting a smooth ride. The maximum power transfer has been added so that the climbing of steep dirt hills is no longer seen as an impossible challenge. Razor SX500 also features a high torque and chain driven motor with twist-Grip acceleration control. It also includes a steel frame construction with shatter resistant plastic fairings.

Razor SX500 Price & Accessories

We’ve included the table below to make it easier for you to find SX500 for sale online, along with the useful accessories such as the spare battery and safety gear:

Let’s Talk Details


  • .Includes original McGrath fairing design and graphics
  • Speeds up to 15 mph
  • Up to 40 minutes of continuous use
  • Steel construction
  • Dual suspension
  • Variable speed
  • High torque
  • Chain driven motor
  • Twist-grip acceleration control
  • Dual disc brakes which are operated by hand
  • Motorcycle-spec tires
  • Kickstand which is also rectractable
  • Folding metal foot pegs 


  • Supports up to 175 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 24.5 x 36 x 56 inches
  • Weight of 98 pounds
  • Shipping weight of 111.6 pounds
  • 36V (three 12V) sealed lead acid rechargeable battery system
  • Battery charger included
  • Product decoration and specifications subject to change without notice
  • Some assembly required
  • See more details on the Amazon’s product page

.Recommended Age

Razor says the SX 500 dirt bike is recommended for kids aged 14 or older because of the high speed in which it operates. However, as usuall in their products, Razor seem to take extra safety measures when defining the recommended age. The thing, most parents report that younger kids (8-12) find themselves just fine riding SX500 – and we do share that opinion (as we did in our other reviews).

The rule of thumb is as follows: If your young one mastered the bicycle without any problems, he or she will ride SX500 with ease. It’s not a big bike, most kids aged 8-12 should feel comfortable riding it.

BUT If your little one is just starting the dirt bike adventure and have never ridden such thing before, you may want to take a look on our Razor MX350 review (mx350 is a starter bike – smaller, less powerful and designed for younger kids).


.As with any motorized vehicle which is fast-moving, safety is the most important thing – especially for us, parents. Sure, there may be a couple of things which you could tell your kid to take preventive measures. This includes wearing a helmet before getting on the motorbike or wearing kneepads. But at the end of the day, if the Razor SX500 is not reliable, then no one will be willing to purchase it (which seems not be the case, at least when judging by pretty good customer reviews on Amazon). Here are some features of this bike which will allow you to breathe a sigh of relief:

  • The bike is completely electric. This means that there is no gas, no fumes, and no chances of combustion. It is just operated with the help of batteries.
  • The motorbike is very easy to drive. The twist-grip variable speed throttle and stop-on-a-dime, dual-disc handbrakes are located at the peak of the fully adjustable handlebars. This makes the bike comfortable, convenient and easy to control.
  • The motorcycle-spec tires are attached to the body of the bike with the help of dual suspension. This makes for a cleaner and smoother ride. This is especially true in the case of bump and hilly areas. So you can be assured that your kid will not trip and roll over the ground. The bike provides a sufficient amount of stability to handle the rider’s body weight.

Power & Speed

How fast can Razor SX500 go? Thanks to the motorcycle-spec tires, the Razor SX500 can go up to 15 mph. It can also be run for forty minutes straight (even over an hour, depending on the rider’s weight). After that, the bike will need to be charged for eight hours straight. That is enough time kids to eat, do their homework and all the other household chores. The bike, in addition, also has a retractable kickstand and folding metal foot pegs.

A friendly recommendation which can be passed on to the parents is that regarding the battery. You might want to consider taking out the battery out of the box and fully charging before they have a chance to open it up and look inside. This is because as soon as the battery will be recharged, they will want to take their bike out for a ride. They will not appreciate having to wait while the assembly is being done. In addition, the battery will need to be charged for at least 12 hours straight initially before the first use. 

.Razor SX500 Review: The Bottom Line

Razor SX500 is an amazing dirt bike. We love it. Razor has done it again.

The quality of workmanship is quite impressive. The torque and speed are good, the safety features are top-notch, the battery life is also solid. Finally, the price is fantastic for the quality you’re getting (especially compared to the gas-powered bikes). All in all, SX500 is an amazing bike which kids will love to ride. Buy with confidence (ps. here’s the current price on Amazon). 


Review Summary

Let's wrap up:

Pros: The new Razor SX500 is a quality, well-made ride on toy that will let your kid feel like the Jeremy McGrath as they ride! We love the bike for the highest build quality we’ve seen in kids’ dirt bikes. The bike is fast, but by no means too fast. The dual suspension ensures a comfortable ride. The sturdy and retractable kickstand comes as a big plus. This mini dirt bike is well-made, easy to handle and provides awesome value for money.

Cons: The only thing which was a letdown is that the front fender is made of plastic and can break quite easily. Another thing worth to keep in mind, althought not really a con, is that the bike should not be kept in places in which the temperature exceeds 50-60 degrees, which may be a disadvantage for those who lack a heated garage to store a bike in the winter time.

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