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Razor Dirt Bike: Everything You Need to Know

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Razor logoRazor is a well known U.S/ brand, an icon of American culture that has become a synonym of fun and the spirit of freedom. Razor dirt bikes have quickly become a phenomenon as every Razor dirt bike provides an excellent riding experience and cutting-edge technology, while still being priced affordably for everyone to enjoy.

Kids love riding dirt bikes. Once you buy a Razor dirt bike, don’t be too surprised when your youngster suddenly puts their iPads, Game Consoles and other electronic gadgets aside to actually go spend some quality time outdoors! After all, if something motivates kids to put down video games, it must be something really impressive, right?

That’s why once you buy a Razor motorcycle, you can be confident that this is going to be the best gift your child ever received! First, however, you will need to choose the right model for your child and this is where we aim to help you.

Before we start, one note though. This article is for dirt bikes. If you’re looking for Razor pocket bike reviews, you might want to read this post.

Razor Electric Dirt Bikes – What’s Available

The table below shows different models – ranging from the smallest Mx350 up to latest SX500 McGrath. Click on any will take you to Amazon where you’ll be able to see more pictures and read first-hand customer reviews:

Compare Razor Dirt Bike Models

Let’s start with the following comprehensive comparison that shows all Razor dirt bike models for sale:

ModelRazor MX350 Dirt RocketRazor SX500 McGrathRazor MX500 Dirt RocketRazor MX650 Dirt Rocket
Age5 - 89 - 158 - 1210 - 15
Engine TypeElectric, chain drivenElectric, chain drivenElectric, chain drivenElectric, chain driven
Dimensions44"x 24.5"x 31"56"x 24.5"x 36"56"x 24.5"x 36"56"x 24.5"x 36"
Speed (max)12 mph15 mph14 mph17 mph
Weight (pounds)70.259811298
Limit (pounds)140175175220
Suspensionpneumatic knobby tirespneumatic knobby tiresdual suspension +
pneumatic knobby tires
Rear adjustable suspension + front inverted fork
Tyres10"12″16" front, 14" rear16" front, 14" rear
Noise LevelSuper QuietSuper QuietSuper QuietSuper Quiet
Charge Time12 hours8 hours8 hours8 hours
Distance on a single chargeup to 10 milesup to 10 milesup to 10 milesup to 10 miles

What to Consider when Buying Razor Electric Dirt Bike

There are few things you should know before you decide which Razor electric dirt bike to go for:

Decide on the size

Razor dirt bikes are safe, miniature versions of regular dirt bikes for adults. To pick up the right model for your child, you need to take into account his/her age, height and weight as well as the kid’s riding experience. The smallest model is the Razor MX350 which is 44 x 24.5 x 31 inch. The largest one is the Razor MX650 which is 56″ long, 24.5″ wide, and 36″ high. Two other models fall in the middle with the Razor MX400 being slightly smaller than the increasingly popular Razor MX500.

Many of our readers have looked at pictures of some of the Razor dirt bikes, and gathered that the models are larger than they really are. To help correct any mistaken impressions, we are posting a few on-site pictures that should better illustrate the real size of various Razor dirt bike models.

Razor Dirt Bike - MX350 Real Size Picture
Razor MX350 Real Size Picture
Razor Dirt Bike - MX400 Real Size Picture
Razor MX400 Real Size Picture
Razor Dirt Bike MX500 Real World Picture
Razor MX500 Real Size Picture
Razor Dirt Bike - MX650 Real World Picture
Razor MX650 Real Size Picture

Don’t go…too small

It is important for you to note that although Razor dirt bike maker advertises the MX350, MX400, MX500, and MX650 as suitable fits for youngsters aged 12+, 13+, 14+, and 16+ respectively, that is not entirely true. Our team members have read through more than 500 overall customer reviews to find out that most customers recognized Razor’s recommended ages for use of the products to be really off scale to the size of the bike being purchased. Therefore, based on our experience as well as on the said customer reviews, we recommend that you opt for:

  • Razor MX350 if your kids are between 5 and 8 years old. This Razor dirt bike will be perfect for kids that have never ridden before. If your child already knows how to ride a bicycle without training wheels then she/he can jump onto MX350 and ride safely.
  • Razor MX400 for ages between 6 to 9. However, it’s worth to note that MX400 should also fit well a taller 6-year-old rider. If your youngster has mastered bicycle riding before and demonstrates talent in riding, you can skip MX350 and opt for MX400 even if he’s 5 or 6 years old.
  • Razor MX500 if your kids are between 8 and 14 years old. If your kid has ridden before, MX500 will deliver more torque than the two previously mentioned models. This Razor dirt bike features a more powerful 500-Watt electric engine which will make young riders smile with joy.
  • Razor MX650 for kids that are over 10 years old. Although we’ve seen some 8-year-olds riding MX650, we generally recommend this razor dirt bike to more grown-up kids as the bike features a powerful 650-Watt engine with speeds of up to 17 miles per hour.

When deciding on the Razor motorcycle keep in mind that your children will outgrow their kids dirt bikes in the next couple of years. Therefore, you may want to buy a slightly larger bike (e.g. MX500 instead of MX350) so it can be used for a longer period of time.

Key benefits of the Electric Dirt Bike

Electric dirt bikes are still relatively new inventions. Razor USA released their first Razor electric dirt bike back in 2005. Although there are certain benefits in using gas-powered dirt bikes, electric bikes are the ones that have been winning customers over the last 10 years – especially when it comes to dirt bikes designed for young beginner riders. Here are the key benefits of electric dirt bikes (and their advantages over gas bikes):

  • Almost Zero Noise.  Electric dirt bikes are amazingly quiet. Go for a Razor electric bike if you want to keep your neighbours happy!
  • Acceleration & Handling. Electric engines give dirt bikes instant torque and acceleration available at any RPM. Because there is no gearbox, riding an electric dirt bike is easy and intuitive.
  • Fuel Consumption. Not only electric bikes accelerate quicker but they are also significantly cheaper to ride. At less than one cent per each mile traveled, Razor electric dirt bikes enjoy an enormous fuel cost advantage over gas-powered bikes.
  • Safety. Electric dirt bikes allow extra safety. Watch this video explaining why is it safer for kids to ride electric bikes.
  • Maintenance. To put it short, a Razor dirt bike requires virtually no maintenance. Aside from charging, the only thing you need to do is to assemble the bike when you receive it. However, it’s so quick and so easy that most kids do that themselves (note: remember to tighten the bolts after them!)
  • No emissions. Because electric dirt bike doesn’t burn gasoline, your kids won’t be inhaling exhaust fumes. With no gas tank and exhaust, a Razor dirt bike is a squeaky clean, zero-emission bike.
  • Price. Although there’s no big gap in pricing between electric and gas dirt bikes, the former tend to be cheaper. You may struggle with finding a gas dirt bike that – for the same price – matches electric dirt bike in terms of quality and performance.

Razor Motorcycle Assembly and Setup

When your newly purchased Razor dirt bike gets delivered it will need some little setup before your kid can start enjoying it.  The great news is that every Razor dirt bike has been 95% assembled and packed at the factory. It means that once you unbox it, all you have to do is to:

  • Install the front wheel. It’s easy to setup and takes a minute. Tires are inflated when shipped but it may happen that they lose some pressure if the bike has been stored for a longer time. If this happens, use a bicycle-style tire pump (Schrader-type valve) to inflate the tires.
  • Attach the handlebards. Use the 5mm hexagonal key wrench (included) to attach the handlebards to the bike’s frame and tighten bolts securey so the handlebar doesn’t move forward or back.
  • Attach the Front Fender as well as the Number Plate (one screw). This takes less than a minute.
  • Charge of the battery. It is very important that you activate your new battery with an initial charge of around 12 hours before first use. Once it’s fully charged, it’s ready to use!

Our In-Depth Razor Dirt Bike Reviews

At KidsRideWild, we live and breathe kids’ ride-on toys! We have reviewed every Razor motorcycle available for sale and published a detailed, authentic review on each model. In addition, we recommend reading through Amazon reviews as there are many quality, first-hand customer reviews available there.

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Not only dirt bikes

Did you know that Razor doesn’t only manufacture cool dirt bikes? You might not know it but they also make some other awesome kids ride on toys! From all-terrain kids dune buggies through fast electric go karts, to scooters and even some really crazy carts. Just a friendly note 🙂


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