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Razor MX650 First Hand Review

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Razor MX650 Review

Motocross has been around for ages. It first evolved from a UK event called motorcycle trials in the early 1900s, where the riders were merely scored and observed. Eventually, it became a race, and then a series of competitions. And since that day, athletes with a need for speed and a daredevil’s streak have been making their way to dirt-and-mud trodden tracks to do flips and whip around, all under the wide watchful eyes of kids and their equally impressed parents.

Well now, thanks to the Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket, kids can experience the many spine-tingling thrills of dirt bike racing, right in their back yards. And parents, who aren’t too keen on letting their little ones fling themselves around in the dirt, can rest assured that it’s electric motor and compact size will keep them safe and under control.  Let’s kick off this Razor MX650 Review, shall we?

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Age Range

One look at Razor’s official website and you’ll see that the Razor Dirt Bike MX650 is built for kids aged 16 and older. But one look at the actual bike — with its 220-pound weight limit — and you’ll realize that that can’t be the case.

In fact, after surveying a few parents who were bold enough to buy the Razor MX650 for their younger children, we found that, as long as they have some experience riding a bike, electric or otherwise, that kids as young as 10 years old were able to ride it without any problems. (That’s good news for you, mom and dad, because the sooner you buy it, the longer they’ll be able to enjoy it.)

If your kid is younger than 10 or is just less experienced in riding a bicycle or a motorcycle, you might want to check other Razor pocket bike models. We cover all of them in our Razor Dirt Bike Guide. Just a friendly tip.


Kids have a way of getting hurt, especially those that love Motocross. You turn around for a second and the next thing you know they’re on the ground with skinned knees and a bruised noggin. Honestly, it’s almost enough to want to put them in plastic bubbles and shelter them until they’re old enough to buy their own health insurance.

Luckily for you and your little one though, the Razor Dirt Bike MX650 comes equipped with an array of safety features that’ll keep your kids protected. (And keep that sore neck of yours from having to whip around all the time.)

Razor Dirt Bike - MX650 Real World Picture
Razor MX650 Actual Size

First of all, Razor MX650 is all-electric. Electric means easy. It also means safe. There’s no gas, no fumes, no combustibles, just a 36-volt rechargeable battery pack that, if handled clumsily, might drop on a toe everyone once in a blue moon. Secondly, its adjustable handlebars come equipped with a throttle that’s easy to grab and twist and a pair of hand-operated, front-and-rear disc brakes that allow for simple, stop-on-a-dime maneuverability. Speaking of which, its dual-suspension, double crown fork, and pneumatic tires — grooved from end to end — make Razor MX650 safe to drive up hills, over bumpy terrain, and along the road, an important feature if your kids are a little shaky.

Even with all the precautionary measures put in place, your kid is still bound to take a tumble. (Hey, it happens.) In that case, you will be happy to know that the Razor 650 Dirt Bike also comes equipped with shatterproof fairings and fenders, which means that you won’t have to worry about picking little pieces of plastic out of his arm while tending to the bruise on his elbow. 


Part of what makes Motocross so great is that right after your twelve-year-old has seen their favorite rider racing around the track, moments later, there they are again, whipping around the bend, working on their second lap. Speed is where it’s at. And it’s the one thing, next to sugar, that most kids crave.

But you have to scale it down, of course. You wouldn’t give your kids a case of RedBulls to drink and you wouldn’t buy them a true-blue Motocross motorcycle to race around the yard with. That’s why the MX650 Razor, with its 650-watt electric motor, powered by a trio of 12-volt batteries, is great for kids who are interested in going fast but are not quite capable of the highest speeds. With its knobby pneumatic tires, which allow for maximum power, Razor MX650 tops out at around 17 to 22 miles per hour — depending on the size of your child — which is just fast enough for them to feel the thrills that go along with racing without the worry of them traveling at break-neck speeds.


Once the fun starts, your kids will never want it to stop. And then, once it does, it might seem like the end of the world. Kids don’t always understand that everything has a limit and that bikes like the Razor MX650 can’t be ridden for twenty-four hours straight — no matter how hard they whine and cry.

It can, however, travel up to a minimum of 10 miles on a single charge, or up to at least 40 minutes without needing a rest. And then, once it’s spent, it takes about 8 hours for its battery pack to recharge, just enough time for you to teach your kids a very valuable lesson about patience and self-restraint.

In addition to its other features, the Razor MX650 also comes equipped with a durable frame, built from solid steel, a retractable kickstand, folding metal footpegs, and a motor that’s as quiet as a mouse. Some assembly is required.

As with most electronics, the Razor MX650 does not come fully charged. So if you want to combat the downtrodden face and slumped shoulders that will inevitably arise once you tell your child that it takes at least 12 hours for the bike to charge before its initial use, you might want to consider sneaking the battery out of the box and plugging it in before they’re allowed to open it up.

Razor MX650 Review: The Bottom Line

The Razor Dirt Bike MX650 has all the wind-whipping thrills and the dirt-kicking excitement of a classic Motocross motorcycle but scaled down to fit the safety needs of cautious parents and the size and suitability of kids aged 10 and up. If you want to consider buying Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket for your child, we recommend that you click here to see more reviews directly on Amazon (plus, get a nice discount and free shipping).

Thanks for reading this Razor MX650 review, we hope you enjoyed it.

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