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A Wild Review of the New Razor Crazy Cart

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Let’s face it. Kids of all ages like doing some crazy things. What newborn doesn’t like being spun around, over and over and over again? And how many eight year olds would turn down a chance to ride the teacups, again and again and again and again, until their faces turned green and their eyeballs bulging? And how many times have you heard a twelve year old say, “No. Stop. I’d rather get off. I’ve had enough, thank you very much,” while speeding around a go-kart track?

Well now, thanks to the Razor Crazy Cart, kids can go crazy in their own neighborhoods without having to spend all of their parents’ money on rides at theme parks and fun centers. (Sorry babies — and babies’ parents — you’ll still have to settle for that same old arm swinging). Welcome to the New 2015/16 Razor Crazy Cart Review.

Here’s what you need to know about it.

Age Range

Even though its description sounds a lot like something designed for adults, “Drive, spin, or drift like a pro!” the Razor Crazy Cart is definitely for kids.

Razor Crazy CartOne look at the product page on the Razor Cart’s official website and you’ll find that it’s made for kids 9 years and older. But, ask any parent who owns one and they’ll likely tell you that, as long as your child can fit safely into the seat, can buckle up with ease and is confident enough to ride in style, then there’s no reason why someone a little younger — around 7 to 8 years old — couldn’t hop on and have just as much fun.

Also, the Razor Crazy Cart holds a maximum weight of 140 pounds. So mom and dad, if you’re short and slender enough to situate yourself into that driver seat, you too can take it for a literal spin around the cul-de-sac. (Remember though, sharing is caring.)

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Razor Crazy Cart Review: Safety

Words like “crazy,” “spin,” “drift” and “drive” don’t quite invoke visions of blood-free knees and unbroken bones, especially when paired with words like “go” and “cart.” Fortunately for you and your little one however, the new Razor Crazy Cart is surprisingly safe thanks to its various safety features.

Razor Crazy Cart

First of all, there’s a fully adjustable shoulder strap/lap belt that harnesses your little guy or gal into the driver’s seat. Secondly, it comes equipped with a pair of anti-tip caster wheels and boasts a rather hefty 55-pound frame, both of which help prevent tips, topples, tumbles and falls.

And, finally, its foot-operated acceleration control and drift bar combine for a smooth slowdown if your kid ever needs a break — way better and much cooler than that herky-jerk stop that we’ve all experienced when applying the brakes on other electrically powered vehicles.

Responsibility is key when using the Razor Crazy Cart. As long as your son or daughter is willing to start out slow, and ease into the various combinations of controls, then you and yours shouldn’t ever have to worry about anything worse than a little dizziness.


Your kid will need speed if they’re going to get crazy. Evel Knievel wouldn’t have been able to jump over all of those cars and do all of those death defying stunts without at least a little bit of giddy-up and go.

Don’t worry though. This isn’t a gas-powered vehicle. It’s all electric. 12 miles per hour. That’s how fast the Crazy Kart can go, which is just slow enough to prevent any true safety hazards and just fast enough so that your kids can drift, spin and drive like they’re losing their minds.

Depending on your parenting style, it might be best to set up a few ground rules regarding the Razor Crazy Cart. A few of our favorite Crazy Kart Razor commandments include: (1) Always wear a helmet while riding the Crazy Cart. (2) Only drive the Crazy Cart under adult supervision. (3) Your friends are not allowed to drive unless their parents have told me — i.e. you — in person, that it’s okay. (4) The Razor Crazy Cart is built for spinning, driving and drifting. So no, you can’t take it off any sweet jumps.


In your typical, non-crazy go-kart review, under performance, you’re likely to find the specifications on how long the go-kart can ride for — up to 40 minutes, at least — what type of battery it uses — a 24-volt sealed, lead-acid battery that plugs right into the wall — and how long it needs to charge for — around 12 hours after every use — but with the Razor Crazy Cart, there’s so much more to cover.

First of all, its steering wheel rotates a full 360 degrees, which allows the rider to spin around in circles, drive sideways, forwards and back, as well as make precision turns that would impress even the most experienced race car drivers – here’s looking at you Jeff Gordon!

Secondly, the drift bar — undoubtedly the coolest part of the Razor Crazy Cart — gives the driver the ability to float around turns like they do in the movies. All they have to do is gain a little speed, tug on the bar, turn the wheel and then drift along like they’re floating on air. It’s so much fun – take a look on this Razor Crazy Cart 2015/16 Video:

In the 2013 edition, the two anti-tip caster wheels in the front have been known to wear down after continuous use.  In the new 2015/2016 edition, Razor replaced stabilizing casters with the durable stabilizing posts — designed to last. Still however, in order to elongate their lifetime, take our friendly advice and a) make sure that you and your son or daughter know how to properly operate all of the controls while driving around and b) that those riding in the Crazy Kart are lighter than the 140-pound weight limit.

New Crazy Cart Review – What’s Changed?

Not every company listens to the voice of the customer but Razor certainly does. The new edition of the Razor Cart features a number of updates and design changes as compared to the 2013-2014 edition. What’s more, most of them directly addresses customer feedback. Here are the main changes:

  • Better handling: Crazy Cart now features a much wider rear wheel base comparing to the previous model. This is actually great improvement because the cart is now more stable in a drift.
  • More room: Taller kids will have more comfort as the distance between the accelerator and the driver’s seat has been extended.
  • Enhanced durability: the new edition is equipped with new, more durable, stabilizing posts in the front.  They have replaced the small stabilizing “casters” from the 2013 edition. This is actually a much anticipated change as some customers reported that stabilizing casters in the 2013 edition have been wearing out too fast. New ones have been designed to last!
  • Improved steering: the new Crazy Cart from Razor features a modified steering stop. What it means is that kids are now able to steer more precisely when going reverse. Also worth to note is that the accelerator cut-off switch has been removed in the new version, making the cart even easier to use.

Razor Crazy Cart Reviews: In Conclusion

Razor Crazy Cart 5

The Razor Crazy Cart didn’t win Toy of the Year for nothing.  Razor has listened to the customer feedback and brought many significant design updates in the 2015/2016 model that made the crazy kart more durable and even more fun to drive (or rather: to drift!). This fast, fun, relatively safe little go-kart is designed to feed the wild side of most any kid who’s been known to ride rides like it’s a fulltime job. We hope this Razor Crazy Cart review answered all the questions you’ve had, thanks for reading!

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