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sewing ideas for kids

Sewing Ideas For Kids

Sewing may seem out of date to you, but most children like it and can spend hours sewing. Ever since my kids expressed their interest in needles...

picnic ideas for kids

8 Picnic Ideas For Kids

Spring and summer bring many opportunities for outdoor activities with the family, but picnicking is still one of my favorites. While planning our...

50cc dirt bike
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Best 50cc Dirt Bike

Have you ever wondered what is so special in dirt bikes that kids all around the world want to ride them as soon as they grow big enough to grab the...

best pocket bike
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Best Pocket Bikes

Kids rev their engine and are ready to ride when they hop onto a best pocket bike. These bikes, along with the kids’ dirt bikes, are becoming...

best bubble machine
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The 5 Best Bubble Machines

Kids have a natural love of bubbles, there is no doubt about that. My seven-year-old son is no different, so as a birthday gift, I decided to find...

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6 Best Toddler Carriers

Toddler carriers can make a huge difference in your day-to-day life. How do you know which toddler carrier you should spend your money on? Read on to...

Best Winter Coats For Kids
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16 Best Winter Coats For Kids

Winter is coming, and now is the perfect time to start looking for the best winter coats for kids. If your children are anything like mine, keeping...

Best Toddler Mittens
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8 Best Toddler Mittens

Finding the best toddler mittens before the first snowfall can be quite the challenge. Read on to find out which ones made the cut!  At a Glance: The...

Best Life Jackets For Kids
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12 Best Life Jackets For Kids

When it comes to kids and water, you can never be too safe or overly vigilant. The only time I can relax, just a bit, is when my children are wearing...

Best Toddler Drum Sets
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8 Best Toddlers Drum Sets

I believe music is a key part of the development of a child. With this in mind, I wanted to get the best toddler drum set to stir the musical...

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7 Best Kids Sprinklers

To be honest, it was always a bit hard for me to find ways to keep my kids entertained and active during the summer days. But if your kids are...

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13 Best Toddler Car Seats

My hubby and I travel a lot. We don’t feel safe when our toddler son is away from us, so we prefer to travel with him. When he was old enough, we...

Best Kids Fishing Poles
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5 Best Kids Fishing Poles

I remember the first time I went shopping for one of the best kids fishing poles. Let’s just say…I was skeptical about it. My son had shown...

Best Drum Sets For Kids
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11 Best Drum Sets For Kids

One day, as we were attending a jazz concert with my son and sister-in-law, I noticed the joy and amazement on my son’s face as he keenly...

Best Toddler Backpack
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5 Best Toddler Backpacks

This year my daughter started preschool. Of course, I had to find the best toddler backpack to carry her books, toys, lunch, and more. My first...

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12 Best Toddler Snow Boots

I live in Buffalo, New York, where it snows for a good number of days in a year. Actually, we experience as much as 60 days of snow every year. That...

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5 Best Toddler Travel Beds

As someone who likes to travel a lot, I couldn’t wait for my kids to grow up a bit to experience all the joys and adventures of traveling. When that...

Best Bento Boxes For Kids
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5 Best Bento Boxes For Kids

I don’t know about yours, but my kids had a habit of coming home from kindergarten with uneaten lunches. The amount of time I had to spend to make a...

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5 Best Kids Microphones

I started looking for the best kids microphone a few months back when I realized that my two daughters really love to sing.  At a Glance: The Best...

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10 Best Toddler Games

Welcome to a review of the best toddler games! As a stay at home mom, a typical day in my life revolves around feeding the baby, rocking the baby...

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5 Best Toddler Bikes

Kids are very fond of bikes. In fact, finding the best toddler bike is more of a ritual that every parent has to go through. Because it’s probably...