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SSR 110cc Dirt Bike Review

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Whether you’re a speed-needy daredevil or a cautious dad browsing for himself or his teenage son, buying the right kind of dirt bike can be the difference between a boring time, an exhilarating one, and one filled with too many dips, dives, fractures and falls to ever want to ride one again.

That’s why it’s important to find one with just the right power, speed, and style for you and yours.

125ccs too fast for comfort?  70cc dirt bike not fast enough?

Well, you’re in luck because there’s a Goldilocks-style 110cc dirt bike out there – not too fast, not too slow – that’s just right for the everyday amateur who has a need for speed but would rather not leave others in the dust.

Introducing the SSR SR110 – a 110cc Dirt Bike

Often times, when you read a review or a buyer’s guide for the best of something – in this case the best 110cc pit bikes – you often expect to see a series of products, all lined up and critiqued like items on an auctioning block.

Sometimes though, there’s no need to read about a plethora of products. Thanks to an impressive list of features and a respectable overall price, one will do just fine. And that’s definitely the case with the SSR SR 110cc dirt bike, available for sale here.

SSR 110 Pit Bike: Engine

Though 4-stroke engines aren’t typically as powerful as their 2-stroke compadres – though much better for the environment – the 4-stroke, single-cylinder, 107cc engine found in the SSR Motorsports SR110 is very capable of carrying its own – and your – weight at speeds of up to 55 miles per hour.

Air-cooled and capped off at a maximum 6.71 horsepower, you know you’re in for a wild but manageable ride. Kicks on with a kick start.

SSR 110cc Pit Bike: Transmission

More good news for all you early to middle-of-the-road riders! The SSR110 pit bike boasts a semi-automatic, 4-speed transmission that’s operated with a “manual” foot shifter. That means you can keep two hands on the handlebars, your eyes on the road, and not have to worry about shifting from gear to gear with anything but your feet. (Which may take some time to get the hang of but is much better than careening into a tree because you tried to go from second to third for the first time.)

Size & Weight

There are four factors that can either hinder or heighten the fun of a 110cc dirt bike. That would be the size and weight of the rider and the size and weight of the bike itself. Luckily for those of us with a max weight of around 200 pounds and under six feet tall, the SSR110’s 145-pound body can carry our weight, wherever we want to go.

Its seat height is 28 inches, its wheelbase is 41.5 inches and it comes complete with a pair of well-sized wheels – 12 inches in the front and 10 in the back.

Frame and Suspension

What would a dirt bike be without a solid steel backbone frame and a pair of superior suspension systems – hydraulic and conventional in the front and a 265mm, preload adjustable in the rear? Rocky, breakable and wholly unreliable, that’s what.

Good thing the SSR110 is a smooth, sturdy, and reliable ride, capable of carrying a heavy load – see above – while taking all the necessary beatings required to have some fast and friendly fun.

Available Colors

We’ve talked about the inside, now it’s time to talk about the out. What makes the SSR110 so special – aside from its aforementioned features – is that it comes in a wide array of colors, for nearly every lifestyle. A clean and elegant black for the classy rider. A blistering blue for the bold. Hot rod red for the rough and tumble.

Neon green for the outside-the-box types. And a sleek silver – or “black and white” – for those who love to spin while they shine.  See all colors here on the SSR’s product page.


Rounding it all out in a style that screams, “Last but definitely not least!” we come to the brakes. (And really, what better way to end a review, than to finish with the one item that allows us to stop safely when the fun is all but over?) The SSR110 boasts a set of well-constructed wavy rotor disc brakes located at both the front and rear of the vehicle. Hand operated, they’re easy to use and very reliable. Perfect for a 110cc dirt bike.

SSR 110cc Dirt Bike In Conclusion

The SSR 110cc dirt bike is a sleek, stylish, speedy bike with plenty of power and available features. Whether you’re looking to increase the speed of life, take it easy on the go or are looking for something sturdier to ride around in while your young ones enjoy the 70ccs, this 110cc pit bike delivers.

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