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Kid Playhouse Ideas

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kid playhouse ideasWhether you are into simple and easy ideas or elaborate designs, your kids will jump from joy at the possibility of getting a playhouse. And if you’re anything like me, you might even start jumping at the thought that you can build your kid an outdoor retreat using some cool kid playhouse ideas.

If you have zero carpeting experience and no clue where to start, like me, you’ll be excited to learn that many easy playhouse designs can be built over a weekend. But, if you are an experienced builder, don’t go away, because I’ve also found some cool and elaborate playhouse ideas too.

Shall we see what kind of playhouse you are going to build?

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Easy Playhouse Plans And Ideas

You don’t have to be a master carpenter to build a kids playhouse in your backyard! Listed below are some easy playhouse plans that you can finish over a weekend.

1. Upcycled Pallet Playhouse

For this simple playhouse, you’ll need pallets for the walls, galvanized steel panels for the roof, and durable carpet tiles for the floor. This playhouse has only three walls, but the open concept is easier to clean and you can put in furniture and games to spruce up the interior.

2. Lilac Outdoor Playhouse

To make this playhouse you’ll need one sheet of plywood (1/4’’ exterior plywood), wood glue, hinges for the door, and lag screws to attach the walls. This is a basic construction, so it won’t take too much time to finish it, and you can paint it in your child’s favorite color.

3. Scrap Fabric Teepee

The teepee isn’t your standard playhouse, but kids love teepees and this one will be a great playground for your children during summer. To build it, you’ll need eight wooden cedar poles that are 15 feet long, with fabric wrapped and stretched around them.

4. PVC Pipe Fort

If you have limited carpenter skills and a tight budget, this PVC kids fort in an excellent idea. You’ll only need PVC pipes, joint pieces, and pieces of some colorful fabric. The best thing about this playhouse is that you can break it down for storage and assemble again when you want to.

kids playhouse designs5. Wooden Girls Playhouse

To build this cute playhouse for your daughter(s), you’ll need tongue-groove planks, mending plates, and tie plates to hold everything together. Furthermore, you won’t need any complicated tools – a drill, a saw, hammer, and brad nail will do the job nicely.

You can use your imagination to decorate the inside of the house and attach flower boxes on the windows.

6. Garden Playhouse

To build this simple kids playhouse, you’ll need to use ¾’’ plywood for the roof, walls, and floor to ensure durability. Use tar paper to cover the roof and then install asphalt shingles to keep the playhouse waterproof.

7. Swing Set Play Fort

You can use your old swing set no one uses anymore and upcycle it into a play fort your kids will love to hang in. You just need painter’s cloth, duct tape, safety pins, and tread to cover the swing set.

8. Summer Reading Nook

This is a super easy playhouse to build if you don’t have any experience. You’ll just need four posters, one roof, one backside, and a wood deck as a foundation. Use painter’s cloth and rope for the roof, and your job is done.

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DIY Backyard Playhouse For Kids

If you have some building experience or you enjoy doing DIY projects, you’ll have to check out some of these kid playhouse ideas.

playhouse with slide plans1. Tiny Playhouse

Measuring six by eight feet, this little playhouse can be built with any materials you have lying around. Depending on what you have available, build a floor, four walls, roof with shingles, a door, and real glass windows, and use some paint for decor.

2. Wendy Playhouse

The Wendy playhouse measures 78” in height, 92” in length, 48” in width, and there is a 28” wide deck along the front with railings. You’ll need to use timber beams and lumber boards and pine decking for the floor. With a few touches and nice decorations, this playhouse will be perfect for your daughter’s tea parties.

3. Fort Playhouse

To build this raised playhouse, you’ll need plywood, wooden beams, and corrugated plastic for roofing. Since there are no doors, keep a close eye on your kids when they are playing.

4. Disney Playhouse

This outdoor playhouse is modeled after the Disney Jungle Cruise and measures eight by six feet and has a three foot porch with an angled roof. While a bit more complex to build, this playhouse is a great option for younger boys and your children will be able to play with their toys inside.

5. Log Cabin

Measuring five by eight feet, including the front porch, this sturdy playhouse will be able to withstand snow and rain. Use shingles for the roof, add windows, and paint it in a kid-friendly color to make your kids favorite place to play.

6. Balinese Style Playhouse

This playhouse measures five by five and should sit on four concrete blocks that add to the character. You’ll have to build steps that are leading to it, long shutters, intricate railing, and install roof tiles.

7. Cob Playhouse

This cob house is ideal for hot summer days and has a roof with living grass. The wooden roof should first be covered with stain, then tar paper, and finally with several layers of mud on which you’ll need to plant grass.

8. Wild West Playhouse

Designed as every boy’s ultimate hideout, this is one of those kids playhouse designs that take longer to finish. However, once it’s done, it will have a covered porch, shingled roof, saloon doors, and glass windows.

Playhouse With Slide Plans & Ideas

diy backyard playhouseIf you are prepared to spend some time building your kids playhouse, you should definitely look at a two-story playhouse plans with slides. Your kids will love their playhouse and use it all year long.

1. Rustic Cabin

Featuring two stories, an open porch, windows, doors, and a front railing for safety, this playhouse can be used as a true playground. You should also build a climbing wall, ladders, and a slide for a quick descent.

2. Wood Playset

This playset has two towers, a bridge, a pergola deck, two swings, a playhouse, and an enormous tube slide.

3. Big Playhouse

Once built, this playhouse should have two stories, stairs, an outside frame for a swing, a ladder, and a slide. However, this complicated structure needs a lot of work and won’t be done over the weekend.

4. Play Fort

Measuring six by six, this fort has a trap door entrance, climbing wall, tire swing, and a place for a slide. The great thing is that it’s fixed with bolts so you can take it apart.

5. Clubhouse Castle

This huge two-story castle has a fort, a bridge, a climbing wall, an escape door, and a tire swing. But the plan also includes a rope ladder, two regular swings and a huge tube slide, so be prepared to hire some help for building everything.

6. Pirate Ship

Designed to look like a real pirate ship, this playhouse has two slides, a spiral staircase, a swing set, a gangplank, and a second entrance for curious boys.

7. Elevated Cabin

Elevated from the ground by four posters, this cabin playhouse has a front porch with railings, a ladder for climbing, and a slide for an easy exit.

8. Playhouse With A Long Slide

For this playhouse, you’ll need meranti and a balau wood for the deck and an extra-long slide. There are also steps and high railings to keep your children safe while playing.


Children’s playhouses are fun indoor or outdoor spaces for kids to play by themselves or invite their friends over to hang out. Making a playhouse may seem like a lot of work, but you can actually build one over a weekend without any carpenter experience or special skills.

So, pick an idea that you like and set some time over the weekend to build the ultimate playhouse for your kids.

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