Best Pro Scooter for Tricks and Stunts – For Your “Soon to be Pro” Kids!

best pro scooterTricks, stunts, spins, jumps—flying through the air! If you have a child who idolizes stunt scooters and skateboarders, who watches endless videos on Youtube of skate-park tricksters, and is already attempting some tricks on their own (maybe at the expense of your worry), it sounds like its time to introduce them to the best pro scooter for tricks and stunts— so they can have one of their very own!

Traditional push scooters for kids, or even those electric ones are not built to do tricks, and they can actually break or hurt the child if stunts are attempted on them. If your child is at least 5 years old (although 7 or 8 tends to be a better age), then you may want to gift them with their very own, super cool scooter for stunts!

In this article, we have included the five best trick scooters for kids as well as a practical buying and explanation guide to help you choose a safe and fun stunt scooter for your child.

Best Pro Scooter for Tricks & Stunts – Our Top Picks Compared

  • Min. Age: 8+
  • Wheels: 110mm
  • Bearings: RZR Pro 20 bearings
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  • Min. Age: +10
  • Wheels: 110mm
  • Bearings: Sacrifice Hyper Bearings
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  • Min. Age: All ages
  • Wheels: 120mm
  • Bearings: “Envy” Wheels with a Metal Core
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The Best Trick Scooter for Beginners: Razor Pro XX Scooter

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The look of a traditional scooter but the feel of a pro, this Pro XX Scooter lives up to its name! With a lightweight, durable aluminum frame and deck, this is the best pro scooter for beginners who need the performance of a pro scooter with the durability to handle any possible newbie-mishaps. It has a fixed handlebar design with pro-style rubber grips to make the handlebars easy and simple to use. The deck is highly stable, ready to take on any tricks and jumps your kid can handle!

We love the 14 spoke, 110 mm high-grade wheels, because they look as smooth as they ride. These wheels have a Razor patented rear brake system that enables safety and strong brakes without impacting the ride or trick.

Overall, this Razor Pro XX Scooter has one of the smoothest rides, making it the best scooter for tricks for beginners all the way up to advanced stunt kids!

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Sacrifice AK 115 Integrated Pro Scooter Complete

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Don’t be fooled by the simplistic design of the Sacrifice AK 115 Integrated Pro Scooter. This scooter is anything but simple. It is a high-powered set of wheels ready for any stunts and tricks! It has super lightweight aluminum, SCS compression and clamp, blender wheels, and logo flex brakes—but what does all that mean? Basically, this scooter weighs only 8.16 pounds, but it has all the durability and strength of an adult stunt scooter!

This sleek design doesn’t only look cool; it also functions as an aerodynamic tool that helps your kids fly through the air! This deck is 115 mm wide (hence the name AK 115), and the deck sits low to the ground. This unique deck design gives it a smooth and stable ride while also allowing for dynamic stunts. The Sacrifice AK 115 is the best stunt scooter for kids looking to “one-up” their friends in the skate park!

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Envy S5 Prodigy Scooter

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If you need to walk away knowing one thing about the Envy S5 Prodigy Scooter, it’s the wheels. These wheels are 120mm “Envy” wheels with a metal core. They are specifically designed for speed, and the brakes are made with this unique wheel design in mind to ensure a smooth brake. Plus, the wheels have cool, unique designs that make them the hit of the scooter! These wheels often match the compression clamp, which makes this scooter highly stable and balanced. Kids love how effortlessly this scooter rides and maneuvers for tricks and flips. They never want to get off this Envy S5!

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Phoenix Sequel Complete

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The Phoneix Sequel Pro Scooter is better for the immediate or advanced rider who already knows the general feel of a stunt scooter. It has an HIC compression and a 34.9 mm oversized double clamp. It has a deck with the Sequel-specific down tube that takes away some of the traditional stability in favor of stunt maneuverability. Parents love the durable construction of the scooter, especially for those advanced kids trying out some wild and crazy tricks.

Many of the scooter parts are patented by Phoenix Sequel, so it is uniquely unlike anything else you can find on the market. This is an incredibly dynamic scooter and it is dialled right after assembly! Just strap on a helmet, and your kids are ready to show off their style with the Phoenix Sequel Complete!

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Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter

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If your child has just recently taken an interest in stunt scooters or you’re looking for a scooter on a budget, the Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter is the best trick scooter out there! It offers a colored, aluminum, box-shaped deck, and so this deck has the necessary maneuverability for tricks. The handle bar is made of 18” wide steel with soft pro hand grips, so it is a comfortable and easy grip. There is a triple bolt clamp with flex brake that makes this ride sturdy and smooth, but the 100 mm cast PU ABS wheels make it lightening fast! It’s affordable, easy to put together, and a great way to learn and grow into new and exciting stunts!  The Fuzion X-3 is both one of the cheapest and sleekest trick scooters for sale on the market!

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Best Pro Scooter: Buyers’ Guide

When you’re buying a kids’ stunt scooter, you obviously want to ensure there are key mechanistic features in place that will make tricks not only fun and flying but also easy and safe. Below you’ll find the buyers’ guide that we at Kids Ride Wild use to compare and contrast the best pro scooters for kids.

What is a dialled scooter?

A “dialled” scooter is a term used to describe a scooter that simply rocks and rides hard (“hard” as an expression, because a dialled scooter actually rides very easily!). It is the best pro scooter on the block.

It has no head shake (and no teeth chatter), smoothing bearings, no rattle during breaking, no unstable decks, no weak points, and more.

It is basically a well-designed, well-crafted scooter made for tricks and fun.

Age Range

Stunt scooters are recommended for children at least 8 years old. Kids need to be old enough to use their motor skills and understand the basic physics behind the tricks they will be performing.


You have probably seen foldable and collapsible kids’ scooters in the past. This folding mechanism allows portability and easy storage. However, a true stunt scooter will not fold. The best trick scooters are fixed in place because folding mechanisms can actually create weak points.

Too much folding up can cause damage to the scooter, which can lead to stunt mistakes and unsafe mishaps. Look for keywords like “rigid” and “fixed” to ensure your scooter is the best trick scooter you can get.


The best pro scooters have aluminum construction frames and decks. Aluminum creates a scooter that is lightweight while also being strong and durable. Trick scooters tend to be lighter than traditional scooters in order to have appropriate dynamics and maneuverability.

Some stunt scooters are made from steel, which is heavier and stronger than aluminum. It contains pressure better, but it can often be too heavy for younger kids to control. We prefer aluminum for kids ages 8-13.


The deck is where the foot rests on the scooter. This is where the scooter finds its balance and stability, so the deck has to be tough, secure, and well designed. They should be light but reinforced near the wheels. The average width of the best pro scooters is 4 to 4.5 inches.

The wider the deck, the more stability—great for forward-moving stunts. However, slimmer decks are more easily maneuvered, so these are good for more “dynamic” tricks, like those that involve turns and jumps.


scooter handlebarThe handlebar is at the center of all stunts. It helps with balance, directionality, and leverage. So, you want to ensure that they are comfortable and fixed. Rubber grips with “traction” tend to be better for comfort and for hold, enabling more to be done with the scooter through the force of the hands. You also want to ensure that there is a strong head clamp for tube strength and durability; this clamp sits at the spot where the head of the scooter meets the body for added force during flips and flies. More on clamps when we discuss compression.


stunt scooter wheelsWheels on the best trick scooter should be small, made for bursts of speed and range of motion. The typical diameter is between 100 mm and 125 mm. The scooter should also have strong alloy wheels, which have better bearings. Look at the scooter’s rating on the ABEC scale, which is an industry standard of ball bearing used for various vehicles, skateboards, machinery, scooters, reels, and more. For your stunt scooter, you want an ABEC of 7 or above, which is sometimes called the “class 4” ISO 492.


A professional stunt scooter should have a spring-less rear brake. This helps to do tricks without your back break holding you “back.” However, you still want to ensure that there is a rear braking foot system in place.

Compression System

Compression systems keep your scooter dialled and working smoothly. They keep the handlebars, tube bar, deck, and headset at the correct tension to enable the smoothest ride possible without the “head shake” effect.

There are four major types of compression systems to consider when choosing the best stunt scooter for your family:

  • Standard Compression System(SCS)

    The SCS is the strongest compression system, so it’s great for stunt scooters. It normally has 4 bolts, 1 cap, and a bolt that tightens up to remove any shaking of the board. It’s the easiest to install by just clamping the SCS on to the bars for added strength. We tend to recommend a standard compression for kids’ stunt scooters for tricks and average skate-park play.

  • Inverted Compression System(ICS)

    pro scooter icspproximately 31.8mm). It tends to be the least expensive, but it’s not as strong as other types of compression systems. You also need to remove the front wheel in order to tighten the compression, which can be time consuming—especially when you’re in the middle of a stunt routine!

  • Hidden Internal Compression (HIC)

    This is the most common compression system because it is “hidden.” You don’t need to take the wheel off to adjust it, but rather it simply blends into the scooter itself. It can then be tightened until the ride is smooth and the scooter stable. It requires HIC accommodation bars, which are normally 34.99 mm.

  • Integrated Headset Compression (IHC)

    The IHC is similar to the HIC compression, but they use standard bars as opposed to the xl-sized HIC bars. It tends to be expensive, though, because it is a very powerful compression system.


Best-Scooter safety

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The best trick scooters are those that focus on safety. In order to double the safety features, it is important to wear helmets, elbow pads, kneepads, properly fitting clothing, and no loose laces. Falls happen, but it’s best to mitigate any bumps and bruises with additional gear.

Our favorite helmet is the Triple Eight Helmet with Sweat Saver Liner.

It has an ABS tough outer shell, but it also has an interior liner that is made for comfort (especially in those sweatier stunt days.) Plus, it looks sleek and cool, so kids will be more willing to wear it!

best scooter knee pad

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The Mongoose BMX Bike Gel Knee and Elbow Pad Set is an inexpensive and well-designed set that absorbs shock well. These are breathable, so your kids won’t feel uncomfortable, but they also have extra gel padding to protect the joints in case of any falls.


trick scooter ramps

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It’s always fun to add a little something to your scooter lifestyle. Whether bells and whistles, a ramp, or a practical locking system, accessories can take your trick scooter from great to amazing!

We love at-home ramps, so kids can safely practice new tricks and stunts in the comfort of their own backyard (and where you can see them easily). We love this Ten-Eighty Micro Flybox Launch Ramp Set because it’s non-slip, so it won’t move during use. It has an easily assembly and disassembly for when it’s time to go out and ride. This ramp is a great way to gain some air without having to trek to the nearby park!

pro scooter stand

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We also recommend this practical accessory, the Scooter Stand by ScooterPorts. Since trick and stunt scooters don’t fold, they can be hard to store properly.  These scooter stands use vertical space and create a port where scooters can stand up on their own anywhere—even the driveway or backyard! They are interlocking, so you can create a row of “parking spots” for all of your favorite trick scooters. They also come in a lot of cool colors and can be customized easily.

Best Trick Scooter: The Bottom Line

Whether your child is a beginner, intermediate, advanced, or thinks they’re advanced, you are sure to find an awesome scooter that will fit their stunt-ing needs. Focus on features of speed, durability, maneuverability, and don’t forget the safety gear! After you find the best pro scooter for your kids, be sure to take it for a spin yourself!

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